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Palestine and Israel have a big fight that should of ended long ago. During the late nineteenth hundreds the standard Zionist began a movement into the promised land known as Palestine to reclaim their ancestral homeland (The Origin of..). After moving into Palestine Zionists started to create an exclusive Jewish state, however the Arab community caught on to the movement and opposed this by not allowing Jewish immigration into Palestine along with not permitting them to buy land. Thus one can see the struggle Palestine and Israel are involved in currently, which has transformed the Promised Land into a place with extreme terrorism and constant bickering between the Jews and Arabs. Now Palestine is fighting for the land that was once there’s and although many feel as though the two state solution will not work and because Israel has its own Jewish community in one state, this currently is the best solution as long as Israel learns to negotiate with Palestine.
Furthermore Israel should have its own whole state including Palestine’s territory, because Zionist believes they should. In Israel the political Zionist has the majority rule against Palestine because they are stronger than Palestine. In which Zionist have the belief that because they are Jewish this is what gives a right to take Palestine’s land because “why shouldn't the Jewish people have a state”( Mitchell ). Moreover every country was made through what ethnicity and what religion the people of that land lived at that time. Because the majority of people who live in Israel are Jewish one can see how it would be fair the give what the Jewish people what they deserve. Also many of the Jews where apart of the holocaust, so for the Jewish people the sense of home and security is gone. Additionally the society of Israel is based on the Jewish society meaning that the holidays, food, celebrations how people act, and what people wear all revolves around the Jewish set of standards. More importantly “societies usually reflect the cultural identity of the majority” (Mitchell). Similarly that means to say that the society is so pure that it must be kept in one state as itself. Considering this “It is also not unusual that one community should be the majority within a nation and seek to maintain that status” (Mitchell) the status of the pure Jewish society because “The Jewish people are a nation with a shared origin, religion, culture, language, and history”.( Mitchell). Meaning each individual Jewish person is held close by the community and the society that they live in. In other words the Israel should be a state itself with the addition of Palestine because of the Jewish society and the people Jewish that need to maintain the status of having a Jewish state.
Furthermore Israel’s extreme control will not allow the two sate solution happen henceforth not letting peace happen because of their selfishness. On the other hand Israel has extreme control because they deserve that land. In...

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