Two Strong Willed Women Essay

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Two Strong Willed Women
It is so admirable and such an honor to be in the presence of a strong willed woman. Since day one, women have been made to feel inferior to men in many situations. Women have had to fight for rights and equality for centuries. The fact that there are very strong minded, domineering, and opiniated woman that exist is such a bonus for us. So many women continue to take no for an answer instead of just standing up for ourselves. In reading “ A Worn Path”’ by Eudora Welty and The Jilting of Granny Weatherall”’ by Katherine Anne Porter, the main characters both portray that strong willed persona that most women desire to have. Both characters show the trait of the ability to perservere and maintain head strong and true to themselves.
Phoenix Jacksons’ character,although elderly, has her mind set and determined to travel in town. She across so many obstacles on her journey . Granny Weatheralls character is not traveling anywhere, but seems to be having a mind journey going back and forth. She is a very cranky woman instead of calm like Phoenix.She is determined that she is not ill and doesn’t need to see Dr.Harry. After reading both short stories, I found so many common themes and traits that the authors use. The one that stands out the most is that both woman are strong.
Phoenix is determined to get the medicine that is neededfor her grandson and refuses to let anything or anyone get in her way. She has such a determined spirit on her journey through trees and thorn bushes. The story describes her as having eyes blue with age. This is such a great analogy of her wisdom. Just by reading the story, you can tell that Phoenix has been through and has seen a lot. This can also be gathered from the way she speaks throughout the story. My assumption is that the story is placed in early 1900’s just by some of the jargon that is used.Phoenix, although uneducated and unaware of her age, is still wise enough to move through all these obstacles to get to what she is desiring. This shows her portrayel of perserverance. When the young white man comes along with his dogs, she is unmoved by his attempts to get her to turn around and go home. She is still determined to continue along her path. He even tries to scare her off by saying “ Take my advice and stay home, and nothing will happen to you.” As they part...

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