Two Successful People: Brandi Callum And George W. Jenkins

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Two Successful People
The word success has varying meaning to people. Some people see success as wealth or perhaps an entrepreneur who turned his or her vision into a successful reality. A reality of actually creating and building a successful company from the ground up. According to Maxwell (2002), “Success is a journey. …success is knowing your purpose in life, growing to reach your maximum potential, and sowing seeds that benefit others.” Respectively, this paper will examine the journey of my friend, Brandi Callum, an entrepreneur, also a real estate broker, and the late George W. Jenkins, founder of Publix Super Markets
My definition of success is not based on being a wealthy person. On the contrary, it is based on ones' positive attitudes, actions, trustworthiness and strong character demonstrated while dealing with the many challenges of life. For me, being able to focus as well as maneuver through adversities and succeed are key components for being a successful person. Brandi Callum and the late George W. Jenkins are prime examples, and they have different success stories.
Mr. George Jenkins journey started by chance. He was the manager of a Piggy Wiggly grocery store in Winter Haven, Florida. This was during the time of The Great Depression in 1930. High unemployment, bank, and stock market collapse had a tremendous effect on Piggy Wiggly's bottom line or sales. George's store was eventually sold to a businessman in Atlanta. After weeks of waiting, for the new owner to visit, he decided to pay a visit to the new owner in Atlanta. On arriving, he was told that the new owner was too busy to meet with him. Mr. George however, overheard the new owner's conversation and realized he was lying. He was really in his office discussing his golf game. Mr. George left, frustrated and pledged he would never treat his employees or customers in that indifferent manner his owner had treated him.
His determination, conceptual and interpersonal skills along with his vision of providing a memorable shopping experience for customers, propelled him to open the first Publix Super Market on September 6, 1930. Ironically, George's new store was across from his former employer. His superb new visionary approach to the supermarket shopping experience placed him on the road to success. This also caused his old employer business to fold. Ed Crenshaw, the president of Publix Super Markets states that, “George Jenkins had a vision for his stores: That they be a pleasure to shop”(as cited in Springer, 2004, para.6). By instituting and adhering to its branding campaign that emphasizes exceptional customer service and employee ownership, Publix is a household name. Publix is also a successful supermarket chain in the south east region of the country. In a recent Consumers Report Cooperstein (2014), reports that Publix ranked third in best service, good perishables, prices, and cleanliness in...

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