Two Technology Companies Coming Together Transforming To What The Economy Is Evolving To Csun, Marketing Research Assignment/Research On Tech Companies

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Article Discussion-Chapter 11
Two Tech Companies Combining MKT Research with Programmable Ads
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Within this article we learn the importance of market research within companies trying to establish new ways of doing things and how to go about it without affecting the strategy of the company. Due to the immense transformation to internet transaction it has become increasing difficult to advertise to the specific target market. Because of the transformation to digitization advertisers target consumers all the time online now. The only problem with targeting consumers online is that companies don't always conduct survey samples of the target populations to be able to relate the research to a real-time mindset. There are two new tech companies that were developed to assist in establishing real data for their results and responses. These two companies are Krux, which is a data management platform, and Survata, which is a survey company that has been launched for Krux new offerings. These two tech-savvy companies established this program to aim it to make the tactic of conducting survey for external/internal research easier to execute. As well as, offer advertisers the ability to not only interview consumers online about their wants and needs before a campaign launches but after it begins running, too.
According to the article, the idea brought on by Krux and Survata is that it combines traditional market research with automated ad buying and real-time tweaking when it comes to targeting. "We're finally letting advertisers and market researchers speak the same language" (Chris Kelly, Survata CEO). This new development in companies will allow advertisers and market research teams to work together, market research will now be able to survey the same exact segments that advertisers are already using for their ad buys. This will establish a research learning and testing that will be directly catered to the ad campaigns. According to the CEO of Krux, Tom Chavez, "Marketers can use [our system] to perform sophisticated data science analysis on enormous data sets to find deep insights into consumers and campaigns" (Tom Chaves, Krux CEO). Most companies are still...

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