Two Unlikely Friends Essay

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The bonds and relationships that develop between humans and animals are much like human to human. This relation is prevalent in the novel The Mouse and the Motorcycle. In the story, a relationship between Ralph, a mouse, and Keith, a boy, develops. The two entities strike an impressive friendship that resembles that of two human best friends that have known each other for years.
The book starts out when Keith and his family go on a vacation across the United States. Eventually the expedition led the family to California where Keith would meet a friend he would never forget. Ralph, being a mouse, was extremely hesitant to venture out into the inn room in which Keith was staying. Nevertheless, after Ralph noticed Keith’s impressive collection of toy vehicles, he was far more enlightened at the idea of going on an expedition himself. At this point Keith catches Ralph fooling around with his prized motorcycle and decides to teach Ralph how to use it. Only a few days after that Keith became very ill with a horrible flu when he returns from a hike. Ralph notices that his friend is not well and makes the choice to do everything in his power to help. Ralph then goes on a perilous adventure, not only earn the trust back that he lost, but to help a friend in need. After a night of extreme danger and a few near death experiences Ralph returns with the means to heal his friend. Once well Keith offers to take Ralph with him to live and be friends for a long time. However, Ralph could not abandon his family and leave so he declined. In the end, the newly formed friends went different ways, but as a token of friendship, Keith gave Ralph his prized motorcycle
Beverly Cleary uses this story to show that to completely different beings can come together and forms a remarkable friendship. She uses example such as the nature of living creatures to bond over analogous interests. Clearly...

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