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Two Very Different Career Paths Essay

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Ever since I was young I have wanted to be a doctor. To be able to help people with all their ailments, cure them of their sicknesses, and subside their pain. I spent many a day at the doctors, and many a night at the urgent care so I am very used to the medical side of things. I began to learn all I could about the human body, whether it be broken arms, or Pancreatitis.
But when I was in about 6th grade, I was informed that everyone should have a back up career or as I call it "a fallback plan". Since I am very good at computers and know the workings of most models very fluently, I decided my fall back would be a computer programmer, since I have had working knowledge of C++ and Python ...view middle of the document...

The programmer uses a lot of computer skills, but they also must be very skilled in mathematics, as almost all lines of code involve some form of math.
Now most careers have a stepping stone of positions, but in the medical field there really isn't. You cannot become an intern at a medical practice, and then five years be promoted to doctor. But there are lower education requirement specialties. But there are ways you can dip you feet in to the profession to see if it is the right career path for you. Job shadowing is one, where you follow a doctor around, observing his duties, and the ailments treated by him. Also you can become a volunteer at a hospital and serve in many different capacities there.
Software engineering actually does have stepping stones, but most in the profession have done them without even knowing it. The first would be to take computer science courses in college or high school. These will give you unique problems that you must solve with computer software. This often will introduce the person to all the programming languages, before even entering the program in college. Second you can volunteer with a robotics team, where you provide mentorship to high-schoolers building robots and programming them to run usually with an offset of C, which is the most commonly known programming language.
Schooling of often a factor in choosing a career. In the doctors case it requires many years of schooling, thirteen in fact to be allowed to practice medicine. First the student must obtain a Bachelor's degree usually in Biology but Life Science is also appropriate. This is often under the umbrella of Pre-Med. In this program the student will take Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Calculus. The student must also pass the MCAT, which stands for the Medical College Admittance Test(AAMC). Once these requirements are met, the student must be accepted at a medical school, and there he will spend another four years studying medical terminology, and human anatomy. After medical school, and depending on the specialization, the student will spend another six to eight years undergoing general internal medicine training, and then finally comes the board which if passed will grant the doctor the right to practice medicine(Cardiologist Education).
Now since the education requirements for this job are so rigorous, there isn't a large supply of doctors...

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