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Two Woman Two Decsions Essay

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Two Woman, Different Decisions
We all have expectations, something that we expect as a result of something we did, but what about the unexpected something that we did but never fathomed the consequences? We often times call the unexpected a “curve ball” and that’s exactly what happened to the couples in the short essays “Hills Like White Elephants” by Ernest Hemingway and “Good People” by David Foster Wallace, they were thrown a curve ball. The couples in the short stories have extremely hard decisions to make. The woman have the most important decision to make and the men have to decide to support the women in the lives or make a decision to move on. Sheri will most likely have her baby ...view middle of the document...

When Sheri finds out she’s pregnant her first thought was to get an abortion hoping it would solve the “problem”. After time went by she changes her mind, knowing that if she has the abortion it will weigh on her forever.
Sheri will keep the baby and Lane Dean Jr. will marry her. Sheri’s feelings are “She will carry this, and have it, and love it and make no claim to Lane except his good wishes and respecting what she has to do”(Wallace 220); Lane Dean will do the Christian thing to do and that is to help Sheri raise their baby and marry Sheri. Not all Christians make the same choice and that doesn’t mean they are not Christians. However For Sheri and Lane Dean Jr. they are more comfortably having the baby out of wedlock than having an abortion. In this “Lane Dean, Jr., sees all this, and is moved with pity, and with something more, something without any name he knows, that is given to him in form of a question” (Wallace 220) This feeling being moved by something that he doesn’t even know is the feeling of love, something that he wasn’t sure he felt for Sheri. Lane Dean also knows that Sheri “the knowledge that she can neither do this thing today nor carry a child alone and shame her family. Her values blocked the way wither way, Lane could see, and she has no other options or choice-this lie is not a sin.” (Wallace 220). There is no way after knowing how important having this baby is to Sheri and knowing that she will need his support will he let her down. He knows Sheri and his baby will need his support financially and emotionally. He will do right by Sheri and marry her.
Now after learning about the characters in “Good People” who have their own voices we must now take a look at the story “Hills like White Elephants” where the situation is a little different. Even though people have the same problem, in this case an unexpected pregnancy, they don’t all chose the same solution. The chose people make often is determined by how they were brought up, the emotions they may feel at the time and people even make a decision based on what someone else feels they should do, just like Jig and the American.
Jig will have the abortion to satisfy the American. The American man who got her pregnant wants her to have the abortion and she will have an abortion because he has talked her into it. The American tells Jig “It’s really an awfully simple operation, Jig,”...It’s not really an operation at all” (Hemingway 592). The American doesn’t seem to be worried about the safety of Jig but is only concerned with talking her into getting the abortion. Even though he doesn’t know anyone who has went through this...

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