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Tws And Swot Analysis Of Linked In

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PROGRAMME: MSc (International Business and Management)
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Table of Contents
A. Internal Analysis: 3
1.1 Introduction: 3
2.0 Resources and Capabilities: 4
2.1 5
2.2 5
2.3 5
4.0 Strengths and Weaknesses: 6
B. External Analysis: 6
1.0 PESTEL: 6
2.0 Porter’s 5 Forces: 7
3.0 Threats and Opportunities: 8
4.0 ...view middle of the document...

LinkedIn was targeting the newly collage graduates and students.
The mission statement of LinkedIn impacts the performance and the reputation of the company where it promised to connect the world’s professionals and make them more productive and successful, where LinkedIn’s vision emphasis on creating economic opportunity for every professional in the world and the company believe that this is a fundamental power of its network.

Resources Capabilities
LinkedIn High Revenue, hiring solutions High finical situation
Dedicated work force and skilled and developers Skilled and dedicated workers, sales force strong talented management research capability
Varity of products LinkedIn today job posting, employer brand building
2.0 Resources and Capabilities:




3.0 V.R.I.N Framework:


Capabilities Valuable Rare Inimitable Non-Substitutable

4.0 Strengths and Weaknesses:

Strengths Weaknesses
o Sustainable Business Model
o Diversified Revenue and sufficient financial resources to fund projects
o Has a great reputation
o Provide a lot of services for free and innovative
o First mover and the leader o Exposed to hacking and security issues
o Cultural Barriers
o Weak presence in some markets

B. External Analysis:


Political o Governments are worried about privacy contents, in which may damage the company’s strategy, to use users private information for making segmented advertisement.
o A concerns about the use of social networking technologies for illegal conducts, such as the unauthorized spread of national security information, money laundry which can restrict or impose additional costs upon the conduct of the business or make users leave the service
o Taxation issues are also important as the under nature of business legislation and online applications, can force the payment of double fiscal obligations
Economic o Fluctuations in the economy and market
o Fluctuation of the Currency exchange
o New investors and additional resources
Social o Users are more comfortable of using online services
o The feeling of privacy threatened
o The different cultural aspects and different countries
o The ease of access anytime and anywhere from any device.
Technological o Development of new technologies which boosts the growth of the industry
o Upgrading the system
o The dependency on the internet search engines
Environmental o Eco-green initiatives can help to the use of the internet
o Natural disasters could interfere the access to the serves of LinkedIn
Legal o The wideness and not well defined field of application
o Intellectual property rights
o Contractual agreements
o The number of foreign and domestic laws and Privacy and data protection laws

2.0 Porter’s 5 Forces:

➢ Industry rivalry (modertae) < leadership amongst PNS, a good level of dynamicaly market,competitive activities, extensive varity of...

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