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Txtionary Has To Be In The Sci Fi Genre, You Can Do Robots, Advanced Weaponary And Technology. You Can Create Your Own Or Do The Ones I Have Just Mentioned.

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Ben's friends are trying to get him to buy a phone, but his parents won't let him. He receives their txt messages on a device like a phone only that its ability is limited to txt and receiving txt messages. Ben and his group's story will unravel from here.TXT MessageFrom: ChowTime: 4:30 pmDate: 01/08/06ay Beno got a Eric V630i 2day cool as!! ynot get ur5elf 5um3 ?? Yer m8 wanna skat3 2morrow aft3r skool? m3t u der.TXT MessageFrom: MitchTime: 4:33pmDate: 01/08/06b3no!! ell u w8in for man? g3t a fone, 1ns u need to 3all som31 for help ure old man won't know ure in trouble.TXT MessageFrom: MichaelTime: 4:36pmDate:01/08/06dud3 u can do anything on the M600 snd email since u 1ik3 doin tat 5o much get it on the fone. r8 now ziz txt is a 3mail!!TXT MessageFrom: WombatTime: 4:50pmDate: 01/08/06Oi beno you know you can get a fone for less than$2 a year? u shop around 2 get a gr8 deal. TXT MessageFrom: JackTime:4.55pmDate:01/08/06m8 u can do anything on this thing send txt's, sms, by ringt0nes you can even trade ringtones with u m8's. come on get sm. TXT MessageFrom: TimTime: 6.00pmDate:01/08/06ben wanna come to the movies on Sunday?i'll buy the tickets on my fone. Gotta txt the other's L8r!!TXT MessageFrom: JamesTime:6.10pmDate:01/08/06what are u getting for your b'day? sit next week?We could g3t u a fone!! TXT MessageFrom: ChowTime: 6.15Date:01/08/91far out m8 u got fully smashed on Mitch's board ysd8!! lol....ay bring ur skates since u don't have a board. TXT MessageFrom: ChowTime: 7.00amDate:02/08/06hey m8 us dudes are gonna jig today! wanna come? we'll meet u at the shops.TXT MessageFrom: ChowTime: 3.00pmDate: 03/08/91h0w cum u weren't there ystd8 1ns we txt u? we jigged man!! TXT MessageFrom: MichaelTime: 3.30pmDate: 03/08/06man gotta help me wif me homwok.....i'll come ver today. TXT MessageFrom: WombatTime: 3.35Date: 03/08/06bike riding wif the boy's this weekend? we'll go on the aqueduct. l'll txt the othersTXT MessageFrom: MitchTime: 4.00pmDate: 03/08/06beno man if u worried about hi bills then just get credit, controls how much money ure using. TXT MessageFrom: JackTime: 4.10pmDate: 03/08/06If you bundle up your mobile, home feon and ure internet you can save money. really easy!! TXT MessageFrom: TimTime: 7.30amDate: 04/08/06ah m8 did ya hear? Mikey and Wombo's houses are smashed fom last nights storm and all their crap is wet including their fones. wat a bummerTXT MessageFrom: JamesTime: 3.00pmDate: 04/08/06ben do you want to come help Wombie and Mickey clean up their houses after skool. im going. TXT MessageFrom: ChowTime: 3.05pmDate: 04/08/06damn Wombie's parents are going to court because the mobile fone company says they need to pay up for the fone, because they couldn't stay on the plan. But I rekon they win coz it wasn't their falt that the storm came and flooded their house. TXT MessageFrom: JohnTime: 3.20pmDate:04/08/06god Mickey is hitting it harder than...

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