Txtionary Has To Be In The Sci Fi Genre, You Can Do Robots, Advanced Weaponary And Technology. You Can Create Your Own Or Do The Ones I Have Just Mentioned.

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Ben's friends are trying to get him to buy a phone, but his parents won't let him. He receives their txt messages on a device like a phone only that its ability is limited to txt and receiving txt messages. Ben and his group's story will unravel from here.TXT MessageFrom: ChowTime: 4:30 pmDate: 01/08/06ay Beno got a Eric V630i 2day cool as!! ynot get ur5elf 5um3 ?? Yer m8 wanna skat3 2morrow aft3r skool? m3t u der.TXT MessageFrom: MitchTime: 4:33pmDate: 01/08/06b3no!! ell u w8in for man? g3t a fone, 1ns u need to 3all som31 for help ure old man won't know ure in trouble.TXT MessageFrom: MichaelTime: 4:36pmDate:01/08/06dud3 u can do anything on the M600 snd email since u 1ik3 doin tat 5o much get it on the fone. r8 now ziz txt is a 3mail!!TXT MessageFrom: WombatTime: 4:50pmDate: 01/08/06Oi beno you know you can get a fone for less than$2 a year? u shop around 2 get a gr8 deal. TXT MessageFrom: JackTime:4.55pmDate:01/08/06m8 u can do anything on this thing send txt's, sms, by ringt0nes you can even trade ringtones with u m8's. come on get sm. TXT MessageFrom: TimTime: 6.00pmDate:01/08/06ben wanna come to the movies on Sunday?i'll buy the tickets on my fone. Gotta txt the other's L8r!!TXT MessageFrom: JamesTime:6.10pmDate:01/08/06what are u getting for your b'day? sit next week?We could g3t u a fone!! TXT MessageFrom: ChowTime: 6.15Date:01/08/91far out m8 u got fully smashed on Mitch's board ysd8!! lol....ay bring ur skates since u don't have a board. TXT MessageFrom: ChowTime: 7.00amDate:02/08/06hey m8 us dudes are gonna jig today! wanna come? we'll meet u at the shops.TXT MessageFrom: ChowTime: 3.00pmDate: 03/08/91h0w cum u weren't there ystd8 1ns we txt u? we jigged man!! TXT MessageFrom: MichaelTime: 3.30pmDate: 03/08/06man gotta help me wif me homwok.....i'll come ver today. TXT MessageFrom: WombatTime: 3.35Date: 03/08/06bike riding wif the boy's this weekend? we'll go on the aqueduct. l'll txt the othersTXT MessageFrom: MitchTime: 4.00pmDate: 03/08/06beno man if u worried about hi bills then just get credit, controls how much money ure using. TXT MessageFrom: JackTime: 4.10pmDate: 03/08/06If you bundle up your mobile, home feon and ure internet you can save money. really easy!! TXT MessageFrom: TimTime: 7.30amDate: 04/08/06ah m8 did ya hear? Mikey and Wombo's houses are smashed fom last nights storm and all their crap is wet including their fones. wat a bummerTXT MessageFrom: JamesTime: 3.00pmDate: 04/08/06ben do you want to come help Wombie and Mickey clean up their houses after skool. im going. TXT MessageFrom: ChowTime: 3.05pmDate: 04/08/06damn Wombie's parents are going to court because the mobile fone company says they need to pay up for the fone, because they couldn't stay on the plan. But I rekon they win coz it wasn't their falt that the storm came and flooded their house. TXT MessageFrom: JohnTime: 3.20pmDate:04/08/06god Mickey is hitting it harder than...

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1318 words - 5 pages or even a loss.� Customers need a company they can trust with their information, or else they will look elsewhere to conduct business. Another factor to consider is surfacing who actually did the attack (if it would be possible to find out) - was it a planned attack or was it a random attack - to figure out if it would be likely to happen again.� Either way, planned or unplanned, iPremier still needs to invest in its technology and

The War of 1812 Comment: I have at the bottom my opinion you can edit that if you want and just make it the conclusion paragraph.

820 words - 3 pages Britain, and lasted two and a half years. The war reached its high point with the Battle of New Orleans on January 8, 1815, and thereafter, Britain finally came to recognize the US as an independant country.My Opinion on the War of 1812:Had the United States been able to stay neutral this war might have been avoided. In reality I don't think this war was anymore avoidable than World War I or World War II. American pride along with the fact that we were a young nation trying to form an identity, experiencing a depression, political unrest, and being provoked at nearly every turn by Britain, made this war impossible to prevent.

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674 words - 3 pages members are turned away and swindled just so that a sacrifice can be averted or an asset gained.But even more recently, this adaptive attitude that required everyone to stay within their own circle has overflowed into a "sense of duty" where the more successful of the intellectuals see it as a morally justified duty to impose their beliefs and methods in a smaller, less socially (and/or financially) prevailing group of people. With the observed

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653 words - 3 pages for heart problems or a stroke. When you exercise, you are delivering oxygen and nutrients into your tissue. This improves the functions of your cardiovascular system resulting in more energy and a healthier life. Lowers Risk of Developing Osteoporosis and Other Chronic Diseases Having a fitness routine with weight-bearing exercise decreases your risk of developing osteoporosis. Exercise has actually been shown to build bone tissue and can

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676 words - 3 pages human lifestyle.In conclusion, I don’t believe robots will ever be able to have or show emotions at a level so high as humans do because emotions are more than just the electro-chemical activity that takes place in our brains. However, robots could come close to our level of emotion through some of the ideas discussed above but if so it can be risky and dangerous and could backlash, turning into just like how we see it in fiction films where

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1131 words - 5 pages actions. Sam is the character who has had the most significant impact on Brett's attitude. He subtly teaches Brett to take responsibility. "If you want to break the rules, you have to face the consequences". Monk depicts Sam as a very stern and wise character from the outset of the play thus his words have a tremendous effect on Brett. "Only you can change your life Brett". This is yet another attempt by Sam to reform Brett and we later see that his

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1499 words - 6 pages this allow him to have rights as people do in society? In order to evaluate this situation, our definitions and terms of what consciousness and personhood should be made clear. I regard consciousness as the ability to be aware of the feelings you get when you experience something. Personhood is not based on origin or composition, but rather having thoughts, feelings, and morals. In this paper, I will prove that Rodney can be considered a

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1520 words - 6 pages There is something about a crowd that leads to a sense of anonymity or even depersonalization: You lose your sense of individuality and let the mob carry you away. If you look at how similarly we dress and fix our hair, you'd have to say we are almost all conformists. In the article "Opinions and Social Pressure." social psychologist Solomon E. Asch conducted groundbreaking studies on independence and conformity under group pressure which deals

Madagascar Final Draft- This draft has been cheked over by a teacher and has gotten a A-. I hope this grade satisfise you when you don't have to do any work. This is my final draft that got the grade.

562 words - 2 pages . These houses can range in size from a small 1 room house, to mansion size! The Madagascar National Holiday is Independence day which is on June 26. Funerals may be long, or really short. Some funerals last up to 30 days! All funerals are open grave. Most funerals are like parties. The first Malagasy Bible was made with the Christians hlp in 1835. 45% are Christians and are almost divided evenly between Roman Catholic and Protestant. Some

Why Software sucks and what you can do about it.

939 words - 4 pages The magazine ad I choose to write about called, "Why software sucks (the exact word used) and what you can do about it," was published in a magazine called SD West Conference Catalog 2007 and written by David S. Platt, on page 4. The company called Thunder Computing has done computer consulting and developed education software for over 20 years. Platt teaches software development at Harvard University and companies all over the world. The

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