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The military is what protects our country which usually mean weapons are involved defending our country. The military isn’t all about war and combat, there are other careers that people can pursue rather than fighting. Jobs that don’t involve combat are usually really similar to typical civilian jobs. The military is a great career to pursue because there will always be a need for it. Before enlisting into the military it is good to know what the military does, how much money a service member makes, the education and training required, and the job out outlook.
The military is involved in a lot of different things but there are specific things that they do. Military service purpose is to train for and perform different task to keep the United States a safe country. Every service member has their specific job in the military, when someone enlists in the military they already know what they want to do. The most common jobs in the military are fighter pilots and infantrymen. Those are just some of the few jobs of the hundreds of jobs that the military provides. Service members that are not in combat work in jobs that are similar to civilian occupations such as nurses, doctors, and lawyers. There are five different branches in the military; the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and the Coast Guard. Each of these branches specializes in different things. Marines and army are involved with combat as in infantry men. The Air Force is known for planes and fighter pilots. Coast Guard deals with people watching the coast and saving people that get stuck out on sea.
There a specific duties that the military do. They have to distinguish between the two different careers enlisted or officer. Most of the service members in the military are involved in enlisted careers. Enlisted make up 83% of the armed forces. The remaining members are officers. Officers are leaders of the military who manage the activities and the enlisted personnel. Some of the things that enlisted personnel are involved in are combat and other military operations. The duties of military personnel are to operate, maintain, and repair the equipment that needs to be fixed. Service members also are going to have to be able to perform technical jobs and different support activities. The duties of the officers are to plan and organize different operations. Officers are in charge in leading the troops in the right direction for specific operations. Officers take care in managing all of the enlisted personnel in the military. Officers operate and command different vehicles like aircraft, ships, and armored vehicles. Lastly officers provide military service members with professional help to keep everything right.
The Air Force focuses specific duties for their branch of the military. The Air Force talks about the core values; “the core values are what you will live by and learn to cherish”. The first core value is integrity which means the willingness to the right thing when no one is watching. The...

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