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Typee And The Voice Of Herman Mellville

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The use of voice is an all-important tool in the art of storytelling. The voice of the author or main characters is easily changed to reflect the common themes and feelings in the story. In the Herman Melville novel Typee, Melville puts his voice in to the story through the use of the main character Tommo. At times Melville gives Tommo a sympathetic voice that is concerned with other characters as well as himself. Although Tommo has a sympathetic voice, Melville has Tommo's voice change from one story to the next. Melville also uses Tommo to come across as sarcastic, anecdotal and full of irony. All of these are ways in which Melville used the main character Tommo to put forth his own voice Melville's sympathetic voice in Typee comes to surface through Tommo's concern for other characters in the novel. The ship that Tommo is traveling on has been at sea for six months. "Poor old ship! Her very look denotes her desires: how deplorably she appears!" Tommo comes across as if he is almost sorry for the ship to still be at work without "one moment of rest." Tommo even becomes concerned that "poor Pedro's fate was sealed." Pedro, the last chicken and Captains pet, is slated to be cooked at the sight of land. Tommo's sympathetic voice is shown towards many of the characters of this novel.This sympathetic voice that Melville puts in Tommo is not reserved for others, as at many points Tommo feels sorry for himself. The moment when Tommo realizes he may never escape he is engrossed in sorrow. "How vividly is impressed upon my mind every minute feature of the scene which met my view during those long days of suffering and sorrow!" During this time that Tommo feels sorry because he is captive he begins to sulk about his illness. "I was reduced to such a state, that it was with extreme difficulty I could walk." The sympathetic voice that Melville put through Tommo is not centered on a single protagonist but it attaches to Tommo and others.The voice that is speaking through Tommo often is ever-changing from story to story. When Tommo speaks of Fayaway, his female friend, the voice comes across as easy and light. "I must except the beauteous nymph. Fayaway, who was my peculiar favorite. Her free pliant figure was the very perfection of female grace and beauty." Tommo seems to put Fayaway on a figurative pedestal where she is above all other females. "The hands of Fayaway were as soft and delicate as those of any countess; for an entire exemption from rude labour marks the girlhood and even prime of a Typee woman's life." Tommo even goes as far to say Fayaway is granted an exception to the long-standing rule of having no females in any canoe. Tommo is obviously infatuated with Fayaway and he never seems to put forth a bad voice when she is his subject.As soon as the subject changes from Fayaway you can sense the change in tone Melville puts through Tommo....

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