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Types And Prevelence Of Animal Abuse

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Many animals right now are being abused and mistreated. They have no way to protect themselves. They are being neglected and physically abused. They are also being hoarded and being made to fight other dogs. Some are even being forced into cages with no room to move and being slaughtered at a young age. All animals have rights like humans but only some are being treated right, reminding us that these animals need to be protected.

Animal neglect is the most common type of animal cruelty. Neglect is considered when the animal does not have proper shelter, food, or medical care. This can include starvation, parasites, and inadequate shelter. Physical abuse is also a very big problem. ...view middle of the document...

This includes burns and scars on the animal and lack of shelter and food in its environment. Reporting animals that look like they have been abused is very important. The animal can finally get proper care and the abuser can be punished.

Puppy mills, dog fighting, and animal hoarding are also big problems. A puppy mill is defined as a large scale commercial dog breeding operation that places profit over the well being of dogs. Animals in puppy mills are often neglected with no proper care or attention. Animal hoarding is also a problem, animals will experience neglect and can have have mental issues. Animal hoarders usually have mental problems, they have an unusually high number of animals in their homes and believe they are caring for their animals even though they are not. Dog fighting is also a problem. Dog fighting is a sport where the owner forces two or more dogs to fight one another sometimes to the death. Dog fighting is mostly done for entertainment and money.
Factory farms are also a major problem. A factory farm is a farm that raises animals on a large scale for profit at the expense of an animal’s welfare. Animals on factory farms have no federal laws to protect them. Birds are the most abused type of animal in the U.S. About 8.5 billion chickens are killed for meat each year.Birds are excluded from all federal animal...

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