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Types And Signs Of Abuse Essay

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There are four types of Abuse psychological, verbal, physical, and sexual. And most importantly, the abuser can be anyone. Children everywhere are being abused from the rich to the poor. Abuse is not classified by race, age, income, background, or even country. Any child can be the victim of abuse, with that being said this is what people should know.
First, As said in Emotional Abuse “Psychological child abuse is defined as behavior that impacts a child's social, emotional and self-worth development”(Emotional Abuse).
Types of Psychological child abuse are constant belittling, calling names, frequent yelling or threatening, ignoring or rejecting as a punishment, not showing affection, and exposing to the abuse of others, as stated in Child Abuse & Neglect (Child Abuse & Neglect). A few more examples are spurring, terrorizing, exploiting, denying emotional responsiveness, rejecting, isolating, unreliable, witnessing intimate violence, and neglecting mental health, medical, and educational needs, were also some examples found in Chapter 2: Physical Sexual and Emotional Child Abuse and Neglect (Chapter 2: Physical Sexual and Emotional Child Abuse and Neglect).
Psychological child abuse has many behavioral signs include but are not limited to insecurities, low self esteem, destructive behavior, angry acts, withdraw, and poor development of basic skills. More behavioral signs are alcohol or drug abuse, suicide attempts, difficulty forming relationships, and unstable job patterns, these signs were stated in What is Verbal Abuse (What is Verbal Abuse?).
Treatment for psychological abuse can be difficult, because unlike physical abuse, psychological scars cannot be seen.All children involved in psychological child abuse should have a careful evaluation done by a licensed professional, to see if there needs to be further treatment or even medication, this information was found in Fact Sheet: Emotional Abuse (Fact Sheet: Emotional Abuse).
“Almost any adult involved in a relationship with a child is a potential predator. Parents, siblings, teachers, pastors, social workers, neighbors, lawyers, judges, and even peers may all be capable of emotional maltreatment of a child” (Fact Sheet: Emotional Abuse).
A major statistic of psychological abuse is that two and nine tenths percent out of two-thousand four hundred children that died of maltreatment died of psychological child abuse, which was stated in Physical Child Abuse by Angelo P.Giardino, MD, PhD, MPH (Giardino).
In order to prevent psychological from getting worse things must be done to prevent it “parents and guardians need to be encouraged to develop strong attachments with their children and learn to express warmth and positive regard for them. Finally families have to be encouraged to form relationships with support systems available to them” (Factsheet: Emotional Abuse). What can words do to a child?
“Verbal abuse is persistent behavior using words and/or “mind games” to instill self-doubt...

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