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Types And Sources Of Conflicts Essay

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Types and sources of conflicts
The perception of the work life takes into consideration the existence of difference in interests, values and cultural background among the employees, which makes the employment relations more pluralistic and diversified. In any case, it is impossible to avoid conflict situations, which are regarded as a natural process in attaining cooperation within the working environment (Leopold, Harris, Watson, 1999). Effective management of conflict situations includes the understanding and analysis of the types and sources of the conflict conditions.
Mostly, a conflict is associated with aggressive or hostile behaviour but it also may stay quiet or hidden. In this ...view middle of the document...

This situation is more often attributed to companies with complicated hierarchal structure and governmental organisations; and it leads to poor overall performance of an establishment.
Poor Performance. When one or more people within a work unit are not performing according to the standards and not working up to potential; and this is not discussed and solved on time, clash is unavoidable ( Such condition is first of all negatively regarded by co-workers and when by the management, which, if comes to this stage, in most situations results in the dismissal of an employee.
Interpersonal relationships and cultural differences. In the modern world more and more people are imposed to the international mobility; and when different personalities from different cultures come together in a workplace, they not always manage to blend in into an organisational environment. Consequently, these situations work as a catalyst in a conflict condition.
Personal issues. One of the most common reasons to a workplace conflict are the personal issues between the employees, we might outline the following ones: rivalry, competition or other conflict which is not anyhow connected to business environment. Unfortunately, personal issues might result into poor performance and appearance of tension at work (
Frustration and aggression. Disagreement often is a result of frustration which can caused by being ignored or pressured, which may appear in a form...

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