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“Types of boyfriends.” –Veronica Marques
During our life, we will meet a lot of people, and as human beings you have that uncontrollable desire to love, to have someone around to share our fears and problems, and to help us to know ourselves as woman. In a relationship people are faced with some different personalities, these personalities may be good or not for you. I would suggest you, before start dating has a little chat with your suitor to get to know how he is. I have been in three relationships my entire life. However, in my experience boyfriends can be classified as one of the following “types of boyfriends.”
The first type and what I personally like the most is "the naughty." This type of boyfriend is always willing to have sex, anywhere you feel at ease because they like adventure. Their smile is sexy; he is always looks straight into your eyes, which will always make you shy. In addition, no matter what the subject is, he will always do things to appear to seduce you. In other words, your relationship will be very alive talking about sex life.
The second type is the most balanced ever known, and he is the one who "likes to do programs in couples." All dating, you need to have a balance to get out of the rut and not make dating boring. That would not be a problem for this type; this...

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