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Types Of Car Brake System Essay

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In a little over hundred years since automobile took hold of most people’s imagination, technologies design to make acceleration faster and reaching higher speeds have evolved. Despite charges, turbo charges, twin turbo charges or NOX, there are limits, which cannot be greater by land-based vehicle in terms of speed. Not the same can be said about the rather unseen parts of the automotive evolution. The only limitation to them is in connection with the human body ‘s ability to withstand rapid decelerations. It would be a lot easier to stop a car then to make it go faster otherwise. Whether they come in form of drum brakes or as disk, the brakes have been the ...view middle of the document...

But as the speed and weight of automobiles increased, better braking systems were required. The drum break had a main problem and that is that the heat within is not efficiently disbursed. Since the drum prevents wind from drawing it away. The heat produced inside the drum does not easily escape. The disk brake however was open to the wind, allowing the heat to be easily carried away, increasing the efficiency of the break.

The development and use of the disk brakes was fist in England in the 1980’s. Frederick William Lanchaster was the first guy that patented the first ever caliper-type disk brake in his Birmingham factory in 1902 and it was used successfully on his Lanchaster cars. He struggled to keep up the maintenance of a quality brake because of the limited choice of metals in the period of time. Causing him to use copper as the braking medium acting on the disk. However, due to the bad road conditions, it didn’t allow copper to last very long because copper can wear out easily, making the disk brake system non-viable.

Crosley Hot Shot in the 1950 is often given the credit for first use of the U.S production of disk brake. The Chrystal Crown Imperial had them first used actually, as a standard equipment at the beginning of the model year in 1942. Crosley disk was a good year development that was originally designed for use on aircrafts; it was the...

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