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Like low level clouds, the most basic classification of middle clouds also based on their elevation from earth’s surface. Middle level clouds exist between 2 km to 6 km above of the surface. Middle level clouds were classified into 3 types which is Altocumulus, Altostratus and Nimbostratus (Oliver, 2005). All of these clouds are occur in layers but it different in colour, precipitation and description of the clouds. Altocumulus can be found word widely at middle latitude. It consists of water and ice of crystal. Altocumulus is relatively thin and has different in clouds element such as distinct form because of the several species and types of altocumulus that been identify. It also may exist ...view middle of the document...

Common name for nimbostratus is rainy day clouds. Nimbostratus is one of the clouds that always produce rain and if we see these clouds we will claim that the heavy rain will occurs. If nimbostratus appears, everything becomes dim because of the disability of sun and moon light to go through the thick dark clouds. Nimbostratus is a grey-dark cloud layer, and the probability to produce heavy rain is high. Its diffused base shows darker ragged patches of Stratus fractus when the dark clouds and heavy rain (Pinney, 2011). Deep nimbostratus clouds are cover by ice at the upper layer. Nimbostratus precipitation is intensity rain or snow, much more steady and wait for many hours to last. Nimbostratus clouds looks like depressing clouds, very thick, dark and block sunrays.
High level clouds are classified also into 3 types which is Cirrus, Cirrocumulus and Cirrostratus. Its typically appear above 6 km from the earth surface. High-level clouds usually large in size and that make us able to see the clouds even the clouds are high in the skies. Cirrus and also known as cloud streak subtle are the highest clouds that have been found. Cirrus is consisting of ice crystal and form of clouds streak subtle above stratosphere wind. Sometimes it forms stringy like white clump of hair, silky luster or both patterns. Cirrus also can be found in worldwide and the thickening of cirrus spread in the sky can be an indication of high attitude moisture. One of the advantage of Cirrus is it can refract and reflect the rays and produce colour arc and ring and we can see the phenomena from the ground side (Hauze,1993). This phenomenon called halo phenomena. Although Cirrus precipitation is produce...

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