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Types Of Control Measures In An Organization

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Executive Summary
In the modern world, managers choose among three types of control measures to improve the work flow and objective performance of the organization. The report compares and contrasts stand point of the author and other theorists on each of the three types of managerial control methods. Research findings provide evidence for consensus among theorists on the notion that feedforward control provides an active approach for balancing system dynamics. Feedforward control is applicable in the medical industry. Similarly, research results show that theorists agree on the usefulness of concurrent control methods as a reactive and theoretical approach to reduce uncertainty while improving objective performance. Concurrent control is applied to manage database systems. Lastly, the report finds that managers use feedback control to improve operations and work flow performance in the post action period and it enables managers to reduce uncertainty. Additionally, research finds that feedback control is used to stabilize problems.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary 2
Introduction 4
Control Models 4
Feedforward Control Method 4
1.1. Analysis 4
1.2. Research 5
1.3. Conclusion 5
Concurrent Control Method 5
1.4. Analysis 5
1.5. Research 5
1.6. Conclusion 6
Feedback Control Method 6
1.7. Analysis 6
1.8. Research 6
1.9. Conclusion 6
Conclusion 6
References 8

The report serves the purpose of conducting critical evaluation and analysis of commonly used models for managerial control. In accord with the evidence collected from prior literature studies, the report performs comparative study on the three models of managerial control. The report identifies similarities and differences between the author’s standpoint and three other theorists for each control model. The report conducts detailed research work to assess the application and usefulness of managerial control models in the modern day organizations while providing suitable conclusions related to each control model. In the end, the report summarizes the overall comparison and contrast on the three control methods while concluding the research findings.
Control Models
In the given content, the author explains that there are three kinds of control models, which are used by different organizations to resolve real work issues related to managerial tasks. These models include feedforward control, concurrent control and feedback control methods. According to the author, each of the identified control methods enables managers to achieve high performance and enhance organizational productivity via exploiting considerable opportunities to take appropriate actions. The author further states that mangers may use each of the three control processes at different stages of activity cycle, which normally comprises of work input, throughput and output. In agreement with the author, AWWA (2001) states that the control process encompasses three simple steps including input, process and output;...

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