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Types Of Data Essay

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Saint Leo’s core value of “Excellence” states as follows, “All of us, individually and collectively, work hard to ensure that our students develop the character, learn the skills, and assimilate the knowledge essential to become morally responsible leaders” (Florida Catholic University). Using data effectively and efficiently is the moral responsibility of Saint Leo Alumni for our students and community. In order to be effective and efficient one must be able to recognize different types of data and be able to determine the need and meaning behind the numbers. Before interpreting different types of data, remember that data refers to a group of information that one can analyze. Data can ...view middle of the document...

5. When looking at the gender data we see that there cannot be partial genders, meaning that this data is discrete. Discrete data refers to whole numbers that are finite and cannot be decimals.
Conversely ordinal data can be ranked in order from “highest” to “lowest. Another interesting piece of data that I accumulated today was that of our education distribution. Of the ten employees at our facility 1 employee has 2 years or less college education, while 7 employees have between 2-4 years of college education. The remaining two employees have 4 or more years of college education. This data represents the ordinal type as “it can be arranged in an order from least to greatest or greatest to least so the order is important” (Data Driven Decisions). The audience for this data would be the Human Resources Department, potential employees, and parents. This data alone could be considered continuous because one could have “3.5 years” of college education, however due to the grouping of the data that is not the case. There are three groups of data that only allows for one option, this herein makes it discrete as the available answers are finite.
Observing test scores is an excellent illustration of interval data. This group of data has specific intervals that are consistent throughout measuring the data. The difference between 95 and 100 is the same amount as the distance between 70 and 75. Given that information, the data set of my last test grades is Interval. On the previous test 1 person made 100, 1 person made a 95, 3 people made a 90, 6 people made an...

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