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1 – 4: Input Devices

5 – 8: Output Devices

9 – 12: Processors

13 – 16: Storage

17: 5 Developments in Hardware

Input Devices

Source: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-c1Jvcm_3Kx0/Ue-M9nu_cQI/AAAAAAAAAKA/a8O31iaGb4Y/s1600/optical-mouse.png

Images: https://www.cromwell.co.uk/images/product/QUE/804/QUE8040010K_0.jpg http://newelectronicsworlds.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/The-Gamer-Mouse-Buying-Guide-Finding-The-Perfect-Mouse-For-Your-Games.jpg
Average dimensions: approx. 6cm wide – 12cm long – 3.5 cm high

A mouse is a common input device that almost all computers use today. The primary function of the mouse is to detect 2 dimensional movements and translate that movement into motion of a pointer or display on a computer monitor which allows easy navigation of things such as a graphical user interface. A basic mouse consists of a right click button, a left click button and a scroll wheel. Depending on what is displayed on screen, these buttons can be used to interact with what is on screen e.g. using the scroll wheel to navigate up or down a web page that is being displayed on a monitor. The more advance mice (especially gaming mice) will most likely have more buttons on top of the standard set. This is so multiple functions can be bound to the mouse.
Modern day mice work using optical tracking technology. A miniature camera with an LED light takes thousands of photos a second and sends it to the complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) sensor which then sends it to a digital signal processor (DSP) for analysis. The DSP detect the amount of change between each photo and determines the amount of movement and sends the coordinate to the computer. The connection between mouse and computer is usually made via a universal serial bus (USB) port or via a wireless connection with Bluetooth. The computer then moves the cursor on the screen based on these coordinates.


Source: http://www.grcoatley.mcc.education.nsw.gov.au/ipt_website/images/keyboard.jpg

Images: http://www.foreignlanguagekeyboard.com/images/IMG_3185.jpg http://content.hwigroup.net/images/products/xl/170074.jpg
Average dimensions: approx. 16cm wide, 35cm long, 2cm high
A keyboard is an input device that almost all modern day computers use. The keyboard’s keys can be divided into 4 categories: typing keys, numeric keys, function keys and control keys. Typing keys include all the letters of the alphabet. Numeric keys include the 10 numerals needed for any number. Function keys have particular tasks for that specific key (e.g. the escape button). Control keys refer to additional keys for commands (e.g. the Windows button). A keyboard is used for many tasks such as typing text-rich documents, navigating between tabs or performing shortcuts of particular functions such as adjusting the brightness of a monitor.
A keyboard works by having pressure sensors under each key and when a key is pressed, it sends an electrical signal, known as...

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