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Types Of Hazard In Work Place

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Occupational Safety and Health Management System Guidelines and ISO/IEC Guide 51:1999 define the hazard as a source or situation with a potential cause of harm in the context of injury and illness to people, damage to property, damage to the workplace environment or its affiliates (Bahari, 2006). According to Health and safety in the office (2004) all organization in Malaysia emphasizes the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2000 and the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation 2001. The act and regulation are established to ensure the health and safety and welfare of workers, self-employed people and visitors to workplaces in NSW. Based on Bureau of Labor Statistics, the ...view middle of the document...

Workplace bullying is repeated, unreasonable behaviour directed towards a worker or group of workers, that creates a risk to health and safety. Bullying in the workplace can cause significant psychosocial risk to worker who experience or witnesses such behaviour. The presence of bullying in the workplace can be a result of poor workplace culture supported by an environment which allows such behaviour to occur. Poor people management skills and lack of supportive leadership can also add to the stress.
Ergonomic hazard is the second type of hazard in work place. Ergonomic hazard are related to humans and the environments through his work and also the scientific study of the relationship work environment with the people to overcome various types of risk danger to the workers. For the better safety, employers must demonstrate management commitment to their ergonomics programs and mechanisms for employee involvement. This is because ergonomics in the workplace to health and safety of workers as employees often do not realize that they are exposed to different types of risk of harm to the health of work. Ergonomics is also associated with faults or weaknesses in the design and engineering work processes to meet the needs of human psychology (Roger & Freeman, 2000). But, according Chapanis (1985) in Shaliza Azreen Mustafa (2007), ergonomics include about scientific research for the use information about behaviour, and limit the ability of human as well as other features to design systems, machines, tools and tasks, environment and work space for become safe, productive and effective, must comfortable for human consumption.
Hazard ergonomic have two main objectives. First, to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the work done includes comfortable for workers using, reduce errors and increase productivity. The second objective is to meet part of human desire as improving safety, reduce stress and fatigue, increase comfortable, satisfaction in job for workers and for quality of life. A few principle ergonomic in the workplace can get be identify such as, worked in the normal body posture. This is because to get the posture plays an important role in initiating an activity. Second, reduced labour force while worked. In practise, certain actions need to be identified to reduce extreme forces while the product is increasing. Worked at a suitable height .The work must be done in accordance with the appropriate high body condition. Also, while the working, minimize the pressure points, this for pressure points are sometimes referred to as the contact pressure, this is because pressure points is the points at which the occurrence of contact between members of the hand and equipment used (Shaliza Azreen Mustafa, 2007).
As we...


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