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These past few years, the lodging industry has been growing very significantly. “The global hospitality sector witnessed a strong appetite for growth in 2013, a trend that is set to continue and pick up pace in 2014” (Strong Performance Predicted for Global Lodging Industry in 2014, 2014). A decade before, there were no many options of the lodging accommodation. But with the massive growth of hospitality industry, lodging accommodations are now varied. Full-serviced hotels, hostels or dormitories and Bed & Breakfast are some of the examples.

First, the most popular lodging accommodation is hotel. Hotel can be defined as “a structure that provides sleeping accommodation to travelers and ...view middle of the document...

As what Schlichter and Thompson suggest, “consider checking on sites such as Hostels.com or HostelWorld.com for reviews and recommendations, or see if the property is a member of Hostelling International that meets a minimum standard of cleanliness and safety” (2014) in order to avoid any safety or privacy issues, since guests are expected to share the room and its facilities with strangers.

For visitors who do not really mind the luxury services or facilities, there are choices of budget accommodations. The most popular one is Bed & Breakfast or more known as B&B. "A bed and breakfast is generally known as a private home where a guest is provided a place to stay for the night. Breakfast is usually included with the price of the room” (Anderson, 2014). People would choose to spend the night at a B&B because B&B offers the intimate and home away from home ambiance. “Because of their smaller size, hosts usually get to know their guests pretty well. Imagine waking up at your choice B&B in the morning and having your ideal breakfast served for you… This would be harder at a hotel where the massive amount of guests translates into a standard service” (Why Choose a Bed & Breakfast over a Hotel, 2012).
For someone has a lot of spare money and is looking for a vacation home that can also be an investment, a condo hotel or ‘condotel’ is the answer. Condotel is “a condominium project that is operated as a commercial hotel even though the units are individually owned as in a condominium” (Rillorta, 2010). Basically, the owner of condotel unit still has the privilege as a hotel guests. “Owners have full use of all amenities offered at the hotel. They simply pay extra maintenance fees for the upkeep of the common areas” (Bradley-Hole, 2007). One of the advantages of having a condotel is one can stay whenever and for how many days they want to stay or rent out when the unit...

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