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Types Of Microphones Basically this section that I read told about different types of microphones, what they can do and what they can not do. It told us that microphones were contained metal diaphragms that vibrate when the sound waves hit them, the vibrations are converted into electric impulses by back plates or coils. The impulses can be amplified, and recorded on the videotape, and can be recorded and stored there for editing along with the pictures. Next the impulses are converted back to sound and which is sent through the TV.Two microphones are really common for TV news. They are the dynamic microphones and the condenser microphones. Dynamic mics are very good, but are less sensitive they are used in noisy places. Two problems with the microphone is that when someone talks the "p" and "s" sounds come out.Condenser microphones are becoming more and more intricate. First of all many microphones contain little batteries about the size of a hearing aid. The batteries last a very long time.The television field uses around four kinds of microphones as basic equipment; the hand-held omnidirectional, the tiny lavalier mic, which is used by clipping on clothing, a wireless microphone called the transmitter mic, and the shotgun mic.The Omnidirectional Microphone comes in many different shapes and sizes. They are used when the background sound is normally low. They usually work by pointing the mic directly at the source of the sound. This mic is not good for loud background sound because the mic might not be able to distinguish between the different sounds.The Lavalier Microphones are small mics that have a more unidirectional pick up pattern which means that it has a limited reception range. These mics are attached to the reporters clothing or the subjects near the lapel level. When used in this manner they provide a very good mic, where the background sound might be high.Wireless microphones are cute little devices. They contain tiny transmitters that send and audio signal to a receiver attached to the tape recorder or somewhere else. These microphone are good in close situations. The obvious reason for using a wireless mic is so the reporter does not have to be tied down to the camera. Disadvantages are that the transmitter mics use radio frequencies that are also used by others. The receivers pick up different things other then the mic. The wireless microphones also require a battery to operate thus the batteries need to be changed regularly.Next type of microphone that is talked about is the Shotgun Microphone. These microphones pick up a lot of distance but must be aimed at the sound source. Sound quality is good and sound can be picked up many feet away. The are good for use in forums where speakers are far apart, or for a person who is in a crowd. Larger models of the shotgun mic can be put on a tripod, and can pick up sound from a very good distance away. Camera mounted shotgun mics should...

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