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Types Of Networks Essay

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In Today’s world the Internet grown significantly day by day in scope, and many results shown for operational requirements of internet in form of algorithms and new protocols. There are so many examples of these types of requirements which include quality of service support, multi- cast transport, security, mobile networking, and policy management. Development and evaluation of protocols and algorithms for these domains requires answering many design questions. Although small-scale evaluation in a lab, wide-area test beds, and custom simulators can all be valuable, each has significant short- comings. These approaches often lack the wide mix of traffic and topologies found in ...view middle of the document...

Hence, there is no trivial technique to guarantee a specific transmission rate between for example an Internet TV station and its viewers and users want to watch Internet TV, provided by the IP TV-Station. The video stream to user 1 can be controlled, since that user is located within the TV stations own network. However, user 2 and user 3 are located on another end (a different network) of the Internet. Guarantees of transmission rate and quality cannot be made since the IP TV-station only has control of its own network. Also, user 2 probably has a high speed connection while user 3 only has a slow 3G wireless connection to the Internet. The quality of video and rate of transmitting the data is also according to the user need or the connection service provided by them to each user.
2.1 Wired network
2.2 Wireless Network
2.1 Wired Network
Generally, wired network is a physical link between the two or more networks. In wired network the data sent from one computer to another via physical connection. It is one way or two way communication between the end to end points or peer- to-peer communication between the networks this is broadcast by wired method such as Ethernet cables or by optical cables etc. we can transfer the information from one computer to other via cables the data transmit by physical medium only. Security is major issue or concern in internet and in our society or in many organizations so there are many methods through which we will give security to our network. Now here is concern about the how to secure the data from unauthorized user and unauthorized access by different routing protocols or by different transport layer mechanism we will apply different methods which provide security to wired network and in ns2 there are so many methods through which we will give secure data transmission by different types of traffic and their parameters.

2.2 Wireless Network
Network is described as a network of devices which communicates by using wireless technologies. Network Wireless communication is used as a term for transmission of information from one place to another. This may be one way communication as in broadcasting systems (such as radio and TV), or two-way communication (e.g. mobile phones ground to Air and Computer network). In telecommunications, Network wireless communication is the transfer of information and without the use of wires .Wireless Network communication refers to any type of computer or devices (for examples Access point, wireless Router) network that is commonly associated with communications wireless network to interconnections nodes. Network security is a related topic in many organizations. The widespread apprehension over network security is due to the connectivity of many. Consideration of security in the System Development Life Cycle and save information is essential for implementing and integrating a comprehensive strategy for managing risk for all information technology assets...

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