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Types Of Parents And The Type Of Parent I Am

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There are many types of parents in the world today. The types of parents could be classified in many different categories. I believe there are three types of parents today: the Consultants, the Helicopters, and the Drill Sergeants. In this essay, I will discuss and explain each of these types of parents. I will also discuss the type of parent I believe I am, and how my parenting style may affect my children in the future.
The Consultant Parents is a loving and logical parent that provides guidance and consultant services for children. They provide messages of personal worth and strength and rarely mention responsibilities. The Consultant Parents demonstrates how to take care of self and be responsible. They share personal feelings about their own performance and responsibilities with their child. The Consultant Parents provides and helps their child explore alternatives and then allows the child to make his/her own decision. They provide the child with a “time frame” to complete their responsibilities. The Consultant Parents often uses lots of actions and very few words. They allow their child to experience life’s natural consequences and allow them to serve as the teacher.
The Helicopter Parents hovers over their children and rescues them from the hostile world in which they live. They provide the messages of weakness and low personal worth. The Helicopter Parents tends to make excuses for the child, but complains about the child’s mishandles responsibilities. They take on their child’s responsibilities and protect the child from any possible negative feelings. The Helicopter Parents will make decisions for the child and provides no structure, but complains to the child saying, “After all I’ve done for you…” The Helicopter Parents will whine and use guilt saying things such as, “When are you ever going to learn. I always have to clean up after you.” Moreover, will whine and complain about having an irresponsible child who causes “me” much work and responsibility. The Helicopter Parents uses lots of words and actions that rescue or indicate that the child is not capable or responsible. They protect the child from natural consequences and use guilt as a teacher.
The Drill Sergeant Parents is commanding and direct the lives of their children. They provide messages of low personal worth and resistance, and make many demands and have many expectations about responsibility. The Drill Sergeant Parents tell the child how he/she should handle responsibility; how he/she should feel, and provides absolutes such as, “This is the decision you should make!” They demand that jobs or responsibilities be done now and will issue orders or threats such as, “You get that room cleaned up or else…” The Drill Sergeant Parents take over ownership of the problem using threats and orders to solve the problem and uses lots of harsh words and very few actions. They use punishment such as pain and humiliation to serve as the teacher.
I do not believe I...

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