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Types Of Pollution Essay

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The earth is being polluted by man-made activities and by natural forces (Khan & Ghouri, 2011). Human encounter a lots of problems in their life. One of the main problems is pollution. Pollution occurs either through man-made such as illegal logging, open burning and waste dumping or natural forces like tsunami, landslides and earthquake. Pollution has become a global issues and its capability to lead to severe health problems (Khan & Ghouri, 2011). According to Thompson (2002) “today, people impacted by pollution are demanding more from the polluters than mere compliance with regulations and permits; they want compensation for mental anguish and emotional distress” (p. 31). Therefore, ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, the rapid growth of these microorganisms increases the rates of physiological processes such as decomposition of organic matter and speed up the oxygen-demanding wastes which lead to oxygen depletion and kill the aquatic life (Kumar, 1993).
However, one of the solution can be taken to overcome the problem of thermal solution is using artificial cooling lakes and ponds (Trivedi & Raj, 1992). Heat effluent is permitted to release into the lake at one end and at the other end of the lake; water is withdrawn for cooling purposes (Trivedi & Raj, 1992). As a result, heat dispels through evaporation. Instead of using artificial cooling lakes and ponds, thermal pollution alleviates also through the improvement of electric generating plants (Trivedi & Raj, 1992). With the aid of fusion reactor, it effectively convert 96% of the heat into electricity and waste only 4% of the heat, instead of to the 60-65% wasted nowadays (Trivedi & Raj, 1992).
The second type of pollution is air pollution. According to Rana (2006), air pollution can be defined as the higher concentration of certain substances in atmospheric condition that bring the insinuation to human and surrounding. Air pollution occurs by natural and human behaviour factors ( Rao & Rao, 1993 ). Forest fires are one of the natural factors. Bush fire occurs is because by natural factor that release toxic particles such as mist and carbon monoxide to atmosphere and lead to air pollution (Thadani, 2011). Converse Energy Future (n.d.) mentioned that burning fossil fuels is one of the human behaviour factors that cause air pollution. The vehicles need the use of fossil fuels such as petroleum and coal to function which later on lead to release of harmful gases like sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides to environment (Converse Energy Future, n.d.). Air pollution brings many implications to living things and environment. According to Rao & Rao (1993), air pollution causes the health problem such as eye disease, cancer and respiratory system problem. Apart from that, acid rain occurs due to air pollution because sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide react with the moist particles air ( Rao & Rao, 1993). Acid rain brings out numerous impacts such as increases acidity of soil, destroy concrete buildings, kills aquatic life and harm agricultural plants (Travedi & Raj, 1991). As a result, it causes to economic loss of the country (Travedi & Raj, 1991). In addition, increasing of carbon dioxide causes by air pollution lead to greenhouse effect because chemical gases released from the factory and car saturate in the atmosphere (Travedi & Raj, 1991). When greenhouse effect occurs, it directly increases the temperature of earth and brings to the problems of global warming (Gardiner, 2006). As global warming happens, it rises up the sea level because the melting of ice glaciers occurs in North Pole and South...

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