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Types Of Predictors And Examples Essay

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1. Static predictors are related to those things of a person’s past that can't be changed and will remain a part of the past (Fulero & Wrightsman, 2009). An example of this would be if a person lost a limb in a tragic accident. The limb can artificially be replaced but they will never have the original limb so it is part of the past that can't be changed. Dynamic predictors can change with time and given situations (Fulero & Wrightsman, 2009). An example would be if a person buys a house then moves and purchases another house. The situation demanded the change and because of this changed happened over the time it took them to move. Risk management predictors are things in the environment that change that shapes the way the future is predicted (Fulero & Wrightsman, 2009). I feel that a good example of this would be if a person is in a horrible car wreck and it left them disabled. The situation created the change and that shaped the way they live in the future.
Fulero, S. & Wrightsman, L. (2009). Forensic Psychology. (3rd ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth.
2. This case involved an African American who robbed a store and in the process shot and killed a White police officer and was sentenced to death for his crimes. He challenged the conviction based on statistics of racial bias claiming that because he was African American his race contributed to him being sentenced to death (Fulero & Wrightsman, 2009). While he lost his claim and was eventually sentenced to death it did give question to statistical analysis of sentencing of crimes and race.His two claims that were the point of his challenged were race-of-victim disparity and the eight amendment (Fulero & Wrightsman, 2009). The Supreme Court did not accept either of these claims it did bring more depth into the subject.
Fulero, S. & Wrightsman, L. (2009). Forensic Psychology. (3rd ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth.
3. The M' Naghton rule is one where it challenges a person’s mind and thinking. It looks for a type of defect in their mind. Challenges whether they knew what they were doing was wrong and if they understood what they were doing was wrong (Fulero &Wrightsman, 2009). The ALI standard relieves a person from criminal conduct if it can be proven that they had a mental disease or some type of mental defect that prevented them from realizing what they were doing was wrong (Fulero & Wrightsman, 2009). These two defenses of insanity basically try to take the blame of the act that person committed because the individual had a mental defect or disease.
Fulero, S. & Wrightsman, L. (2009). Forensic Psychology. (3rd ed.). Bemont, CA: Wadsworth.
4. There are four types of hostage takers that law enforcement has labeled. There are the terrorist, criminal, prisoner and the mentally disturbed (Fulero & Wrightsman, 2009). The terrorist takes hostage for political reasoning (shame a government). The criminal takes a hostage because they become trapped in the crime that they are...

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