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Types Of Resident Assistants On Campus

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Being a resident assistant is a tough job. It is a job that has made a stronger and more confident person this past year. It is not a suitable job for students who are afraid of confrontation. There are two types of resident assistants that I have observed. The first type of resident assistant is the one who will give a violation to any resident for the smallest of things. The second type is the one who tries to be friends with everyone and sometimes lets things slide. Finding a balance between the two is somewhat of a rare feat, but can be achieved. There will be times when a resident assistant is required to write someone up whom they consider to be their friend. There is always an ...view middle of the document...

If the citation went through there was a very good chance that the girl could have lost her scholarship and been kicked off the team. This is where the situation became difficult. Kimmy had to decide whether or not to let this girl go or to do what she was trained to do and document her. This was the first time Kimmy was writing someone up. She was also by herself which meant that she didn't have anyone else to use as resources. Kimmy knew that she was trained to obey and uphold the policies of the school, but she also felt extremely bad for this girl because she put herself into the girls shoes and realized her whole life could change. Kimmy thought about what she would be doing in this situation if she was the girl and her life was about to be potentially ruined. Before this whole event happened, Kimmy considered this resident to be a friend. She had always said hello to her in the hallway and asked how she was doing. Now she had to make the choice of whether to be her friend or to be a resident assistant. Despite having empathy Kimmy wrote the girl up. It was an extremely hard task to do escpecially because she was overwhelmed by the situation and the sheer amount of people involved. Kimmy is only slightly taller than five feet. Standing outside the room with about 5 males and few females telling her off was very overwhelming. A large amount of people would have gave into peer pressure.
Upon interviewing Kimmy further I found out that she thought she was in a catch-22 because the only decisions she could make had negatives. She felt that if she documented the person she would feel guilty for ruining this girl's scholarship. She also felt that if she did not write the girl up that she would not be doing her duties by letting her go. Kimmy truly had no time to make her decision. It is the decisions that we as humans make when we have no time to make them that define who we really are. Kimmy made her decision based off of what was best for her. It was not her fault that the residents were drinking. Kimmy did not see the part where she should be punished for them drinking.
Kimmy admitted that there was no way she would have been able to make her decision if it weren't for having previous resident assistant training before the year started. Kimmy made sure to follow all of the protocols that the job entails. Looking back on the event Kimmy feels that there isn't anything she would have done differently. She has though admittedly thought about whether she should have even knocked on the door or not that day. The only thing she regrets is that there was no other resident assistant present with her. When asked what if she learned anything from the whole experience it took Kimmy a while to respond. When she did respond she told me that she realized that not everyone wins in situations like this. Sometimes there is no happy ending. When someone does something wrong it isn't right to feed into it because two wrongs don't make a right.
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