Types Of Rocket And Jet Propulsion

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Jet and rocket propulsion use basic laws to unitize the power that complex propulsion systems produce. Jet and rocket engines use Sir Isaac Newton's concepts with both basic and complex systems of propulsion. Rockets can be basic with little to no moving parts, and they can also be very intricate with hundreds of miniature systems all working together. Some of the different fuel rockets are solid, liquid, nuclear, and ion. Because of the extreme complicity of nuclear and ion rockets, they will not be discussed in this paper. Two of the first jet propulsion engines are ram and turbo. Jet propulsion uses the air we breathe as one of main component in combustion. Newton's third law of motion explains how simple propulsion can be.Propulsion uses Newton's third law which states for every action there is a reaction equal in force and opposite in direction. Using Newton's third law and a common house hold balloon rocket and jet propulsion can be explained. If a balloon is filled with air and tied shut so that no air could escape it will do nothing but lie still. The reason the balloon does not move is because the pressure inside the balloon is exerted equally in all directions and equilibrium is established inside the balloon. If another balloon is filled with air then released it will fly around until all of the air is out of the balloon. The pressure of the inside air against the front of the balloon becomes greater than the pressure against the mouth of the balloon. This opposing pressure pushes the balloon in the direction of the strongest pressure, which is opposite to the direction of the escaping air. This is the law of motion makes jet and rocket propulsion work.Using Newton's third law of motion a rocket or jet can be launched to space. Pressure is created in a combustion chamber by exploding fuel. The explosion pushes in all directions creating an equilibrium formed by balanced pairs of opposing forces inside the combustion chamber. But to create a thrust the combustion chamber must have a nozzle for which pressure can escape. When this pressure escapes it creates an unbalanced force on the opposite side of the combustion chamber. This unbalanced force creates thrust, which pushes the rocket or vehicle into space.One of the most basics ways of propulsion is rocket propulsion. Rockets are usually slender objects with only one opening at the bottom. The top is usually cone shaped which is used to make the rocket aerodynamic. Many kinds of rockets exist today. The solid fuel rocket engine is the most basic kind of rocketry. The fuel for these engines is in solid form, which is made of solid fuel and oxidizer that is mixed during manufacturing. The fuel is stored in the upper part of the combustion chamber. An oxidizer is a substance that is mixed with the fuel in order to burn properly. Oxidizers are usually substances like liquid oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, nitric acid, or liquid fluorine. When the solid fuel is lit it burns along the inside wall...

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