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Types Of Rooms In The Hotel Industry

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In the hotel industry with a certain service satisfy to customer needs. It was different and includes the different of customers as well. It is based on the theories of Maslow. That divides the different needs of people, from basic needs to the highest demands. This, in the hotel industry had been variety of services that reflect the level of customer needs. In each hotel have a wide variety of structures and designs vary. In order to meet the needs of customers. This will include a safety and convenience for the customers. The main aim of every person is a basic need be to stay and sleep. But there will be an increase in the level of demand. Some people want to stay for activities such as staying in exclusive resorts. In some people want to come for business travel. And their position in society as an individual, their want to stay in type of room differently.
To satisfy the customer. Depending on the type of room, the structure of the room and room designation. Firstly, the type of room be room for guests to stay alone that are single room, it has a queen size bed or two double beds that sometimes there is more than one guest. With the two guests in the room or double occupancy room in some cases, the hotel will offer a single or boucle occupancy rate. Next, Types of rooms to meet guests, three were triple occupancy, and if there are four people or families need to be a warm and comfort will be quad occupancy. In addition, room configuration looks at different in guest rooms within particular hotel. For make room configurations to increase benefit or room revenue for respect customers need. It may be involve Maslow’s theory. The ability to increase well configuration, called the upgrades. It is become trend to refer to the standard of configuration room as deluxe or superior. The customer loyalty is, many guests realize the intent after staying in the room. Then it should remain to standard of configuration. Next upgrade from standard configuration is the enhanced configuration to more services than the standard configuration. The final of room configuration is suite configuration involve the larger room and more facilities than standard and enhanced configuration that include greater services. Vary the size of suites may different from hotel to hotel. In entertain guest of people may be include the...

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