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Science has invented many technologies today, which have made global village. We can see that people use vary types of social media blogs in their day to day life, which has removed distance from one place to another place. Even they use these blogs to expand business, which avails to get profit in short time without rush in their daily lives. Big company can easily reach to consumer and sell their products and get more profits. In addition to this International Company, they use blogs like Twitter, Facebook to advertise their products. Even if customer gets any problem, so they can easily raise complaints through these social media blogs and short out their issues. Thus, social media is convenient way to reach customer and companies.
With social media the world has become a global village. By using social media, one person can communicate with 100s of people and more than that at one point of time. Even company use social media blogs to reach the consumers and give brief details about products and sort out consumer’s query. Even customer can know about the company’s product and their review before using products. Hence, customers communicate between them through these blogs. Managers have to learn all basic things about blogs and easy to interact with customers and to attend to solve their problems, which avail to manager accomplish their goal swiftly. Therefore, they provide the customers basic guidance of blogs. Thus, consumer can do easily shopping from their homes, such as, EBay shopping, best Buy and many others (Mangolda, Fauldsb, 2009).
Recently, social media has taken place each and every corner of the world. It has changed people’s lifestyle that is not much used to do shopping using internet. They are taking keenly interest in blogs, For instance, Facebook, twitter, Orkut and so on. They are using for shopping in these blogs. Thus, we can say that...

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