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The moment I walk into school, I see many different types of students. The largest group I see is the Average Joe. That?s probably the group I would fit into. Then there are the Procrastinators, these people wait until the last minute to do anything. Another type of student I see is the smart-ass. They are really annoying, and it makes the day go by really slow. The last type I see at school is the Straight-A student. Finally, the student I never see at school, the Drop-out. They obviously didn?t make the best decision by dropping out.The largest group is the Average Joe. These students go to class but don?t necessarily always do everything that they should. Since this is the group I fit into, I know quite a bit about what it is like to be one. The Average Joe excels in some subjects, but in others they are not as good. In my case I am good in pretty much everything but English. Another thing that is noticeable about an Average Joe is that they can procrastinate sometimes. I do this all the time since sometimes I don?t feel like doing anything.Now for those good ole? procrastinators. These people must think everyone else will do their work for them. I guess if they wanted to they could pay someone to do their work so it gets turned in on time. They also go to class but don?t always participate up to their potential. That my friend is another sign of laziness. One thing that is good I guess about a procrastinator is that they do the work. Some other types of students don?t even do it at all, so a procrastinator isn?t the worst kind of student.The next kind of student is the Smart-Ass. These students really annoy me, just because of their smart-alecky comments. If they didn?t say some of the things they do, they wouldn?t bother me at all. Getting in trouble is probably the last thing that is on their minds when they back talk to a teacher. It?s kind of funny because it usually gets them into trouble sooner or later down the road if they keep...

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