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Types Of Unemployment, Labour Relations, Trade Unions In South Africa And Other Concepts

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1.1) Unemployment- it occurs when a person who is actively seeking and searching for employment but is unable to find work.
Types of unemployed are frictional unemployment, structural unemployment, and cyclical unemployment
1.2.1) BRICS-Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa .This countries represent the 5 declaration of countries.
1.2.2) the purpose of BRICS is to let countries interact with each other. The involvement of globalisation among countries is important. South Africa produces mineral which contribute a lot to the BRICS resources. They must engage functionally on their variable approaches to economic development, in detail the balance accorded to markets set against the state.
1.3) The unemployment rate rose to 25.6% in the second quarter, from 25.2% in the previous quarter, with the number of unemployed people increasing by 122 000 in 2013. Compared with the rest of Africa, South Africa has similar rates for HIV/AIDs but lower rates for other transmittable, maternal and nutritional conditions. It has higher burdens due to cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases and diabetes mellitus than the rest of Africa.
1.4) the measures implemented by South Africa was that the government would look at recruiting a large numbers of skilled migrants. Du Plessis and Smit (2006) recognized the most of the positive economic growth to improvements in total factor productivity. The international trade between countries led to improvement in productivity. In 2000 the South Africa Reserve Bank (SARB) introduced inflation targeting as their primary policy goal to stabilise the internal value of the South African currency. A Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) was established to control the inflation rate. Two imbalances that need to be addressed in this are the failing trade balance and further income redistribution. Government introduced the SETA (skills educational training authority and skills development plan to help the previously and disadvantage unemployed people.
1.5)The solution to the unemployment in south Africa is one of our most natural resources, and will offer self-employment to millions of people across the country who will no longer be reliant on government to provide jobs or even large corporations, but will be able to become self-empowered through this industry . We could solve unemployment, shortage of housing and create an industry that contributes to our GDP. Government should create solar power station whereby we save energy and job creation for citizens living in the country
2.1) John Dunlop’s theory to labour relations is viewed from various angles which may range from the economic to the social, political to the legal, psychological and managerial. The interaction and relationship between workers, managers and government and this creates the set of rules of the workplace or the principles of the system.
Within the labour relation environment the actors who are the labour union, managers and government...

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