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Types Of Virtual Reality: Advantages And Dissadvantages

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A description of Virtual Reality can be a bit tricky, and the semantics might be at variance in relation to what age group you ask, for instance, a children’s site describe computer simulated environment as tools which let you to experience and interact with images in a simulated 3D environment, for example, you could plan an area at home on your computer machine and really believe that you are walking around in it, although it was never constructed.
According to Aurich, Virtual Reality is a broad and extensively developed scientific conception, which is broadly put into operation for scientific visualisation, teaching and training, process in risky surroundings, exploration, hobby, etc (Aurich, et al., 2012). A familiar explanation by Sutherland is as follows, ‘a system that can display information to all senses of the user with an equal or bigger resolution than the one that can be achieved in a natural way so that the user cannot say that the artificial world is not real’ (Aurich, et al., 2012).
Virtual Reality has three different types which are CAVE Fully Immersive Virtual Environment, Semi-Immersive Virtual Environment, and Non-Immersive Virtual Environment (Virtual Reality Systems: Types of virtual reality systems).
In this report, advantages, disadvantages, uses, and the relationship of Virtual Reality, Gamification, Big Data, and Gesture Control will be discussed.
Types of Virtual Reality
CAVE Fully Immersive Virtual Environment: refers to when the user is place in a computer simulated environment with head-mounted displays, data gloves and other body sensors that track user movements. The standard settings of CAVE Fully Immersive Virtual Environment include videos, cameras, wall projection, down projection, and the speakers (Virtual Reality Systems: Types of virtual reality systems).
Semi-Immersive Virtual Environment: refers to simulated environment which the user experience virtual environment and being aware of real life at the same time, for instance, the flight simulator (Virtual Reality Systems: Types of virtual reality systems).
Non-Immersive Virtual Environment: refers to the least immersive execution of Virtual Reality techniques (Virtual Reality Systems: Types of virtual reality systems).
Disadvantages of VR
There is no technology in the world which does not provide weak link in the environment in which it is implemented. Now, Virtual Reality is being examined and a number of shortfalls were identified. One of the disadvantages that Virtual Reality is currently carrying, is the noise produced by the sensors (Hurst & Helder, 2011). Harmful impacts are in general noise produced by the machine processes, polluted space due to dissolve of a substance, heat from thermo forming, and excessive low or high level of dampness in various particular industries. For that reason, to evaluate and optimise the operational setting of manufacturing systems is a critical and pressing matter (Aurich, et al., 2012).
Since Virtual...

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