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Examples Of War In Cyberspace Essay

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Examples of War in Cyberspace

There are various types of wars being fought in cyberspace from
information warfare to activating missiles through cyberspace. Methods
used in cyberwar is not a new form of warfare being witnessed in the
21st century but a strategic method of warfare fought in cyberspace
with the advancement and development of telecommunication technology
and satellite navigation. The idea of organising in networks and
gathering information to attack may have been taken from ancient
military dynasties. According to Arquilla and Ronfeldt1, the ancient
military force the Mongols in 1241 fought accordingly to the
principles of cyberwar. The idea was to have absolute command of
battlefield information, ‘they fought like organised networks rather
then a hierarchy’. Arquilla and Ronfeldt1 also argue that the warfare
adopted by the combined forces of North Vietnam and Viet Cong which
defeated the modern superpower United States of America was due to
them operating like networks than an institution.

The Second World War and the use of the enigma machine to intercept
and crack codes are examples of war in cyberspace, the cold war fought
by the allies against the communists regime was a war without a
physical battle field but a war of controlling information and
manipulating it for the purpose of propaganda. The term ‘war’ doesn’t
necessarily imply that the war is a physical war in cyberspace because
cyberspace is a virtual space, it is not tangible hence the method of
warfare is unconventional to battles fought with soldiers and tanks.
To simplify it even more one can say it is a ‘war of controlling
information’ or attacking and altering websites for the purpose of

On the other hand, war in cyberspace has an element of physical
destruction in the tangible world. The war in Afghanistan and Gulf war
I and II are famous examples of how cyberspace can be used to launch
missile attacks on the tangible world. Infrastructure attacks by state
military and ‘cyber terrorist’ on electricity generators, waters
supplies and transport systems will have a disastrous effect on the
tangible world.

This essay will investigate and explore various types of war fought in
cyberspace. Firstly, I will be distinguishing the difference between
‘Netwar and Cyberwar’. Secondly, I will be using examples to
demonstrate how nation states use these types of warfare in cyberspace
to fight its enemies. Thirdly, I will be investigating into how sub
state groups use this type of warfare to launch attacks on states and
corporations e.g. the rise of hacktivists and ‘cyber terrorist’. And
finally conclude with a summary of my findings and the impact of war
in cyberspace and the consequences in the tangible world.

According to Arquilla and Ronfeldt1, war in cyberspace is of two kinds

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