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Common Sense #6 Essay

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A couple of years back I was out of luck, down and out and broke. My life had been rocked by the death of my blessed daddy. My faith really took a hit. At first I had nothing to count on. But that is when I realized that I was a point of decision. At that point in my life I realized that I was in the same boat Job was in. With all that happened to him there where times when he was tempted to curse God and die.

For me there where times (because I didn't understand the situation I was in) That I too was tempted to curse god and die as well. But there was a still small voice in my heart that beckoned me to take one more step. With each step the Lord showed me more and more. With every blessed gift with every hand out God showed me that I belong to Him. There where times people simply gave me money. Time when people who wanted to help but couldn't afford it, gave me the biggest gift they could by praying for me or like one guy let me work for him one day a week to have some sort of provision for the day.

But in it all I realized one thing that I wasn't dying. Trust me there where times I wondered about how God was going to handle my situation. But I say on this side of the trouble that God was with me. It took me two months to get focused enough on my life to realize that a change was in order. Then one night it was a Thursday night I asked God to give me a job so I could work my way free from this broken life.

in two days God answered my prayer. I didn't ask the woman but once she heard about my situation God compelled her to move. Then she compelled her husband to move. Come that following Tuesday I was employed. finally I could feel the hold of that burden loosen up. Has my trouble stopped NO. But in all the trouble I'm thankful that even though the enemy comes against me still, I still have that job. Yes the work and conditions i do there has bent me and twisted me. But I grow closer everyday to God because He has found a way for me to not be broken.

You know I hear a lot of complaining going on about having to work so much. I agree that bosses sometimes have no heart when it come to scheduling your times to work. I know that they don't even care about the conditions you have to work in either. But don't focus your eyes on their ignorance to understand. Rather know this, the...

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