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The Most Popular Dance Genres Essay

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Dance is a universal expression. People can easily tell stories or express how they feel through this form of art. Just like an instrument, dancing is how a dancer makes music. In general dancing has changed throughout time. How we dance now is not how it was done in the fifties and sixties. Like music dance evolves according to what is popular. Something is constantly being added to all of the different genres of dance. Although there are many different styles of dances in the world, there are some that are more popular: Zumba, Ballet, Salsa, and the most popular, Hip Hop.
Zumba is a dance craze that has become popular in the last few years, bypassing other genres of dances that have been being done for centuries. What is Zumba you ask? Well Zumba, Spanish slang for buzz or move fast, incorporates hypnotic Latin music with easy-to-do moves that leads to a dynamic and effective workout program. This is the reason to why Zumba has become so widespread, it’s fun, easy and it benefits your health in a major way. The way you do Zumba is by attending a Zumba class. There you are taught by an instructor different moves along with other women from ages thirteen to seventy years old. You can also buy the workout DVD’s and shake off your pounds in the privacy of your home. Like other dances it’s a combination of other genres of dances, mainly Latin or Spanish dance moves mixed with a little bit of hip-hop. This fun dance was an accidental discovery way back in 1986 by Alberto Perez. Perez was teaching an aerobics class in Santiago de Cali, Colombia when he used his personal music to teach class instead of using his normal music. Even though he did this back in 1986 this form of aerobics didn’t become popular in America until 2002. Today there are over 4 million Zumba enthusiast who are swiveling, popping, and shaking their way into fitness.
Pirouette, Plié, Jeté, these are just a few terms that are used in the ballet world. This genre of dance is very popular among the younger generations across the world. This is because most others wants their little girl to be a ballerina. So as young as the age of five little girls are attending ballet classes in hopes of developing a love for the art and perusing it on a professional level. Ballet is not only for females, but men and young boys are being trained in ballet as well. In fact during the renaissance in Italy men were the ballet masters, choreographers, and performers. In the 15th century ballet was uses to entertain the noblemen and women in the courts for special occasions. The term “ballet” derives from the Italian word ballare meaning “to dance”. Ballet was later introduces to France when Catherine de Medici marred King Henry II. After centuries of dancing in Europe and Russia the art of ballet was finally introduced to America in the early 1900’s. Classical ballet was introduced to Americans by Adeline Genee but wasn’t until Anna Pavola , dancing her lead solo in the Dying swan , came to America...

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