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"Tyranny The Blind Man's Game" A Literary Analysis Of Antigone By Sophocles. Explores Overall Themes Purpose Of Writing And Some Background Information, Includes Work Cited.

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Tyranny- The Blind Man's GameWhen a person becomes a king, he has a choice between being a benevolent ruler, or one of harsh tyranny. Antigone, a fourth century BC Greek tragedy, written by Sophocles, depicts an epic tale "about practical reason and ways in which practical reason orders or sees the world" (Nussbaum). Antigone- in an attempt to unknowingly defy her destiny- bravely revolts against the tyrannous king as she validates the need to fear an overlord who blinds himself from his surroundings.The struggles between good and evil, light and dark, free choice and destiny, earthly and divine lie solely on the shoulders of a few characters throughout the play. Antigone, the main character, demonstrates the ultimate sacrifice as she confesses guilt to the king, himself, for breaking a recently decreed law. "Polyneices, who fought as bravely as and died as miserably, -- they say that Creon has sworn no one shall bury him," (Sophocles 190). She stands before him, without fear or shame, and admits she buried her brother because, according to her, the word of man pales in comparison to the sacred duty of a family to bury those who have been slain. Yet, even if for a noble cause, King Creon - a hubris man obsessed with order and loyalty - can not allow a woman to defy his wishes, what he renders the wishes of the gods. So as a result of such thinking, Creon, despite the desires of his son and best friend, has no choice but to sentence Antigone to death. However, soon after, a messenger comes for the king and Creon experiences his perpeteital climax but unsuccessfully attempts to stop his already spoken law. His entire family is torn from him that day, and unable to cope with the pain, ends his own life.The Ancient Greek people- fifth century BC- detested the ideas of a dictator or any supreme ruler. This fear drove them to create a type of democracy where the people are in charge, not a single ruler. As a result of this terror, the satirical Greek dramas which...

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