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Dan Walker, a married father of three living in a small town of Michigan has been unemployed for about 8 months. With the holidays coming up he needs the money to support his family, but he can’t find a job. The unemployment rate is getting out of control. The bad part is no one is doing anything about it! The country is going through rough times as it is the last thing that these people need is losing or not having a job. It’s pretty bad when people who graduated college and got their diploma can’t find or lose their jobs. “Ylan Q. Mui and Amrita Jayakumar, September 06, 2013” Nearly 90 million people are now considered out of the labor force, up 1.7 million from August 2012. The unemployment is getting worse and the government needs to step in and do more. This paper will examine the causes associated with the unemployment problems as well as the debt, and the potential solutions such as the government creating more jobs and slow down the spending. In the second will generally discuss the unemployment problems and solutions, and the third paragraph will discuss the debt issues and what needs to happen to fix it.
“Serafini, Marilyn Werber, national journal, 09-29-2001”. In the article “As more jobs vanish, the worries mount”, it states Unemployment experts and health care analysts are concerned that for the nations safety net to cope with what may be millions of laid-off and uninsured people. This is basically saying that they are worried for the country on how it will handle the millions being laid off. Will it be like the great depression all over again? That’s what people are worried about. The bad part is the government doesn’t seem to be doing anything about the problem. They are the only way out of this mess, and they aren’t doing anything except watching it happen and worrying about their pay check! President Obama needs to step up and get to work. The only thing he seems to be doing is extending the time for jobless benefits. “How to Keep Workers Unemployed 12-09-13” says in 2009 the Obama Administration and Congress extend jobless benefits for up to 99 weeks. What this is doing is just giving people more time to find jobs. That sounds good but it is not. Now all the tax payers are just paying more money longer. It’s not fair for the people to pay for the other people to live. Make jobs not excuses! Back in the great depression president Franklin D. Roosevelt toke this country out of the worst depression in U.S. history. What he did was create jobs for the people. Why can’t our president do that now? Making public work projects like creating buildings, ships, and dams will create jobs for a lot. Building and opening new schools, restaurants, and shops will give work to tons of people. Why can’t our president do that? Instead he is extending the jobless benefit.
The other huge problem bringing down this country is the national debt, and the excessive spending the government is doing. President Obama and his partners are just spending...

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