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U.S. Is Blessed With An Education System

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College life is a journey taken by many high school student in effort to explore new prospective and most importantly build a new life outside the boundaries of their families to sustain a long path of career and building a new family. In the United State we are blessed with an education system that is never available worldwide. Laws are placed to allow every child a chance to pursue higher education in among the most prestige institutions in the world. From Ivy League school to a large public universities and specific school with designed programs in the art, culinary institute and two year community college. This vast number of education institution available of every type of students create this big diversity leading the U.S. to be among the world education frontrunner.
When it comes to the individual choice on college education. Each student is motivated by different branches in the knowledge tree. Some have the goals of becoming lawyers, doctors, bankers, other choose to learn more about the liberal arts and its influence in building their personal characters with the world around them. This is precisely why institutions offer a large variety of programs to attract many high school seniors when it comes to deciding which institute to attend.
In the fall of every year, high school graduate begin this journey toward personal success, whether living on campus or with parents. There is a sense of maturity many of them feel when beginning this journey with the goal of graduating college and receiving the best credential possible to getting a well-paying job. In “She Can Play That Game, Too” by Kate Taylor. A very important issue is being raised. The idea of “hooking up” is becoming a sensation among many rising college students. Most of whom have ambitious goals to achieve but the college life of classes, volunteering, and joining a club or fraternity became their main college objectives so much that all these achievements and daily tasks blinded them from having any serious relationship during their four years of college. By hooking up, they are essentially finding stress relief from their busiest days while still having an enjoyable time.
Every year, Ivy League schools such as Yale and University of Pennsylvania accept a competitive number of students who aspire to become the country leading experts in medicine, law, engineering, and many of the liberal art fields. These individuals had an early mind sight on Ivy League schools because of the prestige and many are pursing such a long road because of career interest. But when it comes to nationwide education and the diversity within the student body found in every college; there is a level of imbalance that causes major disruption to the shaky economy we currently going through. Students coming from a family with greater socioeconomic status are well likely to be accepted at an Ivy League school or four year college than those of from families with lower economic status. This imbalance...

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