U.S North Korea Relations Essay

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Shantel Gentle
The U.S–North Korea Conflict

Relations between the United States and North Korea have been unstable since the second world war and with each passing decade the relations have become more tense. The U.S has never have formal international relations with North Korea , however the conflict has caused much controversy in U.S foreign policy. North Korea has been the receiver of millions of dollars in U.S aid and the target of many U.S sanctions. This is due to the fact that North Korea is one of the most oppressive regimes on the planet, that uses unjust techniques such as murder, torture, and starvation to get their citizens to be obedient. They restrict contact from their citizens to the outside world, through censorship of technology and rarely allowing visitors to the country. The root of the US-North Korea conflict however ,has been on the basis of nuclear weapons and North Korea threatening to use those weapons against the U.S and neighboring South Korea. The U.S and other nations have been working for the last few decades to stop the regime from purchasing and utilizing destructive nuclear weapons.
The liberal analysis of war states that war in a product of bargaining failure. I would agree that in this case it is also true even though the U.S and North Korea have not engaged in the use of militarily force. The U.S and North Korea have tensions because the U.S is trying the prevent a nuclear war while North Korea is in a rather good position because at the moment it has the upper hand and is using this to stay in power and still “bargain” with the U.S to get what it wants. Let me explain what I mean when I stay that North Korea has the upper hand, they has the upper hand because they has been testing nuclear weapons and missiles and have the capability to really harm other nations and their less powerful neighbors. Not to say that other nations might not have nuclear weapons or the capacity to cause great harm but with a regime like North Korea that is very secretive it is hard to know if peace treaty or disarm treaty is being followed or if they are buffing or would really attack another nation without hesitating.
The U.S and other nations do not respect North Korea because of how they treat their citizens and there are many human rights and anti-war interests...

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