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U.S. Virgin Islands As A Vacation Spot

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US Virgin Islands has a lot to offer whatever it is you are looking for. I am sure you can find it there. The US Virgin Islands are my favorite place outside of Philadelphia because of it stunning landscaping, unlimited duty free shopping and outstanding weather. In US Virgin Islands you can enjoys all activities anything from water sports around the island to a short boat trip to St. John?s and St. Croix. You can take advantage of the duty free shopping or enjoy yourself on the beautiful sandy beaches. Charlotte Amalie is the capital of the United States Virgin Islands and one of the most popular cruise ports in the Caribbean. Charlotte Amalie is where the cruise ships dock and the white and pastel houses are heavily sprinkled against a background of emerald hills. Colorful sloops dock along the waterfront, and a few steps back, down alleyways lined with Old Danish warehouse buildings, is a world-famous shopping center.
The landscaping in US Virgin Islands is amazing. The US Virgin islands are made up of three islands located in the Caribbean Sea just south east of Puerto Rico. The beaches are beautiful. I have been several beaches in the islands and one of my favorites is Magens Bay. Magens Bay is a beautiful one mile stretch of white sand located on St. Thomas?s southern end. The beach offers calm crystal clear blue water with a little current which is great for just floating around. Snorkeling is available along the rocky coast which is beautiful. The palm trees are perfectly placed along the edge of the beach therefore, if you want some shade it is...

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