Ucas Personal Statment Of A Youth Worker

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UCAS: My Personal StatementI have always been fascinated by youth work and how young people respond to youth workers. This fascination is part born out of curiosity and part down to the warm relationship I had with my youth worker who was indirectly my mentor. He was someone I was close with and always felt comfortable with, together we would freely discuss life, its up's and down's.As a hockey player I was very good but academically I was not performing and so my mentor would find ways to encourage me and his persistence is what drives me to peruse a career in Youth, Community and Social Work.I have worked in different organisation in the borough; each one has had some from of contact with young people. I have worked with the NIDA trust and their main function is to organise educational trips, residentials, club based activities and homework support classes. Currently I have been appointed as a pool youth worker for the LBTH Council Youth Community Service, Rapid Response Team. This particular role will involve working with very challenging young people who are involved in gang and territorial conflict. I will use my communication, networking, negotiation and teamwork skills to support young people with one to one, group activities as well as taking young people through accredited and learning outcomes.The National Occupational Standards (NOS), which is governed by the National Youth Agency (NYA), are keen to move away from the pool and table tennis era of youth work to a more educational one that has purpose and encourages youth workers to record learning outcomes and get young people to gain more...

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