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It was the summer of 1947 when Kenneth Arnold, a business man and armature pilot witnessed the first of what would become the many thousands of UFO sightings. Mr. Arnold’s flight plans where to fly from Chehalis Washington, making his way home in Yakima Washington. During his flight Arnold got word via radio that a plane carrying U.S. troops could not be located, after offering his help Arnold changed course and started searching an area around Mt. Rainer. The weather conditions that day at around 3:00 PM where pleasant, with complete visibility. After failing to spot any signs of the missing air craft Arnold returned to his pervious heading. Upon the return of his course Arnold noticed something very unusual; high in the altitude above him in a formation like pattern flew 9 unexplained “Saucer Shaped” objects. These craft gave off a brilliant light and where about the size of a large airliner. Observing these odd craft Arnold made an educated guess that they were flying around the speed of 1200 Mph, that was faster than any aircraft of that time period. After observing the objects for some time they faded into the distance and Arnold landed his plane to tell the world what he had witnessed. After that day more sightings were reported in the same general area. All of which were similar to Arnold’s encounter, sparking an investigation by the United States Air Force, which was “officially classified” as a “mirage”. This would be the first of many government reports that some believe are cover ups. Which leads me to my next case and probably the most famous of its kind in the history of Ufology?
Roswell New Mexico the “Holy Grail” for the ones of us who believe in UFO's and life beyond our planet, and in my option definitive proof of both a government cover up and evidence that we have been contacted by intelligent beings from another world. Again the year was 1947, just one month after the alleged UFO sighting by Kenneth Arnold. A rancher working on the Foster Ranch, located in the small town of Corona which is near Roswell New Mexico by the name of William W. “Mac” Brazel stumbled on what we now know as the infamous crash site of 3 supposed “flying Saucers”. Brazel described the derby field as large in size contacting numerous amounts of metal like shinny objects, which the rancher had no knowledge of. After gathering several pieces of derby Brazel then took his findings to an official at the Chaves County Sheriff’s department. George Will Cox was the first official person to review the material, not knowing what he had before him he thought it was best to contact Roswell Army Airfield. Wilcox got in touch with Major Jesse A. Marcel. Brazel, Major Marcel and an Army Intelligence officer went to the crash scene. Upon arriving there Major Marcel was quoted as saying
“When we arrived at the crash site, it was amazing to see the vast amount of area it covered, it scattered over an area of about three quarters of a mile long, I...

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