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Ufo Sightings Essay

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Paranormal Activity is similar to pseudoscience and involves experiences outside of science (Hines, 2003). However, there is another side to these strange occurrences which includes UFOs, alien contact, and the appearance of unusual creatures. According to Imbrogno (2008) “No matter how skeptical you are, there are three things that cannot be denied: that reports of paranormal experiences exist, that they persist, and they are increasingly occurring on a global scale” (pg.16). According to Hines (2003) “Paranormal phenomena includes extrasensory perception (ESP), telekinesis, ghosts, poltergeists, life after death, reincarnation, faith healing, human auras, and so forth” (pg.20). The term UFOs, unidentified flying objects, is the reported sighting of any object or arrangement of lights that do not have a logical or natural explanation. The first reported incident in America occurred in 1947, when an amateur pilot, Kenneth Arnold, made claims of a sighting while flying his small plane near Mount Rainier in Washington which caused the U.S. government to begin searching for extraterrestrials (Stephey, 2009). Moreover, Chinese texts from the 4th century make claims of a “moon boat” that visited once every 12 years hovering above the country to become the earliest sighting in recorded history (Stephey, 2009). Although issues such as speed, shape, and size continues to differs, the U.S. Air Force commissioned Project Blue Book, an official record of sights that occurred in the U.S. from 1952 to 1969 logging over 12,000 sightings or events involving UFOs.

(3) Accounts
Account 1
According to “Educating Humanity,” (2012), Mick Jagger noted that he saw a cigar-shaped mothership floating in the sky during a camping trip in Glastonbury in 1968.
Account 2
Sammie Hager (“Educating Humanity,” 2012) claimed that he was abducted by extra-terrestrials that searched him and tapped into his mind.
Account 3
David Bowie spotted a UFO hovering over a field while traveling through the English countryside (“Educating Humanity,”2012).
Account 1
Based on the evidence, he could have seen an airplane flying across the sky. It is possible that he saw a shooting star. He could have been sleepy and mistaken an airplane to be a UFO. It could have been to dark for him to see. This is multiple outs.
Account 2
Based on the evidence, Sammie Hager could have been dreaming, having a mental breakdown, or neurotransmitting, which is the process of sleep where neurons in the brain transmit what is taking place during the early stages of sleep and placing them into your reality. He did not provide enough information about what happened to him. Sammie Hager’s claim is scientifically impossible. His evidence is not factual. This is a multiple outs.
Account 3
Based on the evidence he could have spotted an airplane. He did not give enough evidence on what he saw. He could have been too far to see clearly past the field. Davie Bowie’s...

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