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Uf Os, Aliens And Religion Essay

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Is there life out there in the great beyond? It is a question that many of us have asked, but there is no real answer, no tangible evidence to validate the existence of other intelligent beings. All we have are so-called experiences that earthly people have had with these beings, like me. I remember, as a child, I stayed awake late one night. I was lying in bed admiring the stars outside my window when I saw a bright light in the distance. It moved in impossible ways I could not explain, even to this day. It was only for a moment, but the memory of this unexplainable phenomena has stayed with me ever since. If there are other intelligent beings like us living in distant worlds, how do we explain their standing in religious history? Are they gods or angels? Are they our creators? In decades past, people who claim to have had ufological experiences have banded together to create religious societies in their quest to become closer to extraterrestrial life. While all of these societies support different views on UFOs and religion, all have one common belief – there is life out there and they are real and powerful beings far more advanced than humans in technology and psychic abilities. Throughout this research paper, I will establish how some of these religious societies were formed, and describe in detail how their belief system works and why they are considered religious in nature.
First and foremost, to achieve a better understanding of these societies, I must define what UFO religion means. According to the Wikipedia website, an online encyclopedia, “UFO religion is an informal term used to describe a religion that equates extraterrestrials with gods or other semi-divine beings and that humanity either currently is, or eventually will become, part of a preexisting extraterrestrial civilization. Adherents believe that the arrival or rediscovery of alien civilizations, technologies and spirituality will enable humans to overcome their current ecological, spiritual and social problems. Issues such as hatred, war, bigotry, poverty and so on are said to be resolvable through the use of superior alien technology and spiritual abilities. Such belief systems are described as millenarian in their outlook,” (UFO Religion). To the average person of traditional religious beliefs, like Catholicism or Protestantism, UFO religious societies may seem more like cults rather than religious, but in reality, most UFO societies, with the exception of Heaven’s Gate and a few other societies, are not considered cults by some religious scholars. While their practices and beliefs may seem strange to many of us, their religion is very strong and real to them. In his essay, “Religious Dimensions of the UFO Abductee Experience” (1995), scholar of religion John Whitmore states, “The very idea of UFO abduction is an intensely religious concept. The expression of the idea of ‘the other’ has traditionally fallen under the purview of religion. People...

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