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Uganda: A Land Of Pristine Beauty And Astonishing Ecosystems

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Like a fairy tale at the top of a railroad, Uganda is a land of pristine beauty and astonishing ecosystems. From tall volcanic peeks in the East and Western borders, to the wetlands of the Albert Nile River, and the densely growth of rainforests of the North; Uganda has a rich soil that combined with its geographical location of central Africa has the ability to have coffee that has become both a mainstay of the agricultural economy and a favorite of connoisseurs around the world. The languages of English and Swahili, combined with mixtures of cultural dialects that exist throughout the nation, the religions of traditional African belief structures and Christianity are the main two of the region. I have chosen this country due to its economic solidarity and independence from outside requirements being self-sufficient for goods for one of the longest periods of African history.
Gaining their independence in October 1962, Uganda shares borders with Sudan in the north, Kenya to the east, Tanzania and Rwanda to the south, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the west. There exists a wide variety of flora and fauna in the region with rainforests, vegetation is heaviest in the south and typically becomes wooded savanna in central and northern Uganda. Dry acacia woodland, dotted with the occasional candelabra and euphorbia and interspersed with grassland, occurs in the south. The steppes and thickets of the northeast represent the driest regions of Uganda (Uganda 2010). In the Lake Victoria region and the western highlands, forest covering has been replaced by elephant grass and forest remnants because of human incursions. The medium-elevation forests contain a rich variety of species. The high-elevation forests of Mount Elgon and the Ruwenzori Range occur above 6,000 feet; on their upper margins, they give way, through transitional zones of mixed bamboo and tree heath, to high mountain moorland. Uganda's 5,600 square miles of swamplands include both papyrus and seasonal grassy swamp.
The wild life is just as varied in the region as the geography of the region is lions and leopards frequently found on reserves in the modern era but seldom seen outside these regions on occasion. Hippopotamuses and crocodiles also found in the rivers and lakes throughout the region along with gorillas and chimpanzees in the deep-forested regions of the north. Zebra, topis, elands and roan antelopes inhabit the northeastern and southern grasslands. Insects also play a role in the ecosystem as well with the malaria carrying mosquito is found in the lower elevations with wet areas, and the tsetse fly found in large populations in areas to that has closed these areas to cattle. There is also a large butterfly species variety many of which are endemic can be found here.
Ethnic groups in the region are various ranging from the “Nilotic North” and “Bantu South.” Bantu are the largest group of people of the region and of these the Ganda are the largest single...

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