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Uganda Internet Security Essay

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Uganda Internet Security
Uganda is located in East Africa. It borders Kenya, South Sudan, and the Democratic Rebublic of the Congo. Uganda is a presidential republic, where the President of Uganda is head of state and head of government. The government decides what the rules are. The internet security is very free there and there are limited restrictions. Currently, they are trying to tighten up the internet security.
You may wonder why Uganda would want to tighten up the internet access? Well the answer is simple. Hackers hacked into the prime minister’s website and posted comments supporting gay rights. Which in fact the prime minister did not support at all. Also adding on ...view middle of the document...

On the other hand, Google, is able to be accessed in fourteen different languages making it one of the most used websites in Uganda.
There are not a lot of big websites used in Uganda. A lot of the websites are ones people have never heard of. The only website known to a lot of people is Google which is usually the time the most used site in all countries. The top five websites are very small. The first website is The second most used site is The third most used website is The fourth website is Last but not least is As you look at theses web sites you probebly have no idea what these sites are. All of them, besides Google, are not known to many people outside of Uganda.
In Uganda there are many things that have been done to increase internet access around it. The UCC regulates the internet in Uganda so that every thing is running smoothly. The UCC also provides information about the maintenance and the quality of service. As well as being elegable to give licences for ICT infrastructure and service providers. The commission’s operations are not always accessable and the body is not entirely separate from the rest of the government. It is not a part from the executive arm of the Ugandan government. Most of the government foundings are in support of expanding the ICT infrastructure. It would be used to connect all the major cities. It was to be completed in 2010 but in 2009 Minister Syda Bbumba banned the incorporation of used computers stating that it will help the environment. The only...

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