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Uglies Book Reviewed. About The Book! English Essay

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Madison Langton
Period 6
Uglies Reviewed by Madison Langton
Have you ever been called ugly? It doesn’t make you feel very good does it? That’s exactly how the society was where Tally Youngblood lived. She was a fifteen year old girl with frizzy brown hair, beady hazel eyes that are too close together, a patchy complexion, thin lips, and a flat nose. Tally was about to turn pretty when was sixteen. When she met Shay, everything changed.
Tally lived in Uglyville, but when she turned pretty she would move to New Pretty Town. Tally was so excited to turn pretty. Her friend Peris was in New Pretty Town without her, he had turned pretty two months earlier. Tally would sometimes go out at night and ride her hover board and play tricks on people. On one of those nights, she met Shay, a girl that was as adventurous as Tally. They became the best of friends, and they did everything together, playing tricks and having fun. Tally and Shay were to be turned pretty on the same day. But, Shay didn’t know if she even wanted to turn pretty.
Turning pretty was an honor in her world. Tally didn’t know why Shay didn’t want to. When you turn pretty you have an operation where you get skinned down to the bone, grow all new skin and get better facial features. They make it so everyone turns pretty. When you are born you are called a little, until you turn an ugly when you are twelve. Tally did not want to be an ugly all her live. Tally knew that being pretty was a sacrifice she needed to make.
Shay came to Tally one night and explained to her that she was going to run away. Away to a place called the Smoke. Shay asked Tally if she wanted to go with her but Tally said no, she only had a couple of weeks left until she was to be turned a pretty. Shay left Tally a note of clues to get to the Smoke if she changed her mind. Tally said goodbye and Shay left on her hover board getting smaller and smaller until she disappeared.
Tally was pretty lonely the next couple weeks until the day came! She was to have the operation and finally be turned a pretty. When she woke up, there was a hover car waiting for her. The hover car took her to the operation building. She waited and waited but no one ever came to get her. Finally, she was taken again in a hover car but not where she expected. She was going into Special Circumstances on the edge of town. They took her inside to a women at a desk. The women’s name was Dr. Cable.
She was pretty but had wires and didn’t look right. Dr. Cable explained to Tally she was not going to turn pretty today. Tally was shocked, confused, and distraught. Dr. Cable also explained that she needed information on Shay. And she wouldn’t be pretty until she got it. Tally didn’t know what to do. She was trapped in this room with a women she’d never met. Dr. Cable explained to Tally that they needed to find the Smoke, and Tally was the only one that could decipher Shay’s directions to the Smoke. Dr....

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