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Ui Content Essay

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This section displays the modifications in the state of objects at the domain including all of its controllers. The list contains User, Group, Permissions, Auditing, Computer, Organizational Unit, Container, Schema, etc. The reports are divided into these four categories: Active Directory Modification Reports, Active Directory Security Reports, and Active Directory State Reports.

Active Directory Modification Reports
This section displays each modification currently being done in the Active Directory environment. All real-time changes will be displayed here in real-time with both the previous- & after-change values of the objects. This section helps you to maintain the integrity and security of the Active Directory.

Logon/Logoff Reports
This section displays the interactive logons/logoffs and all successful/failed authentications in a domain. There is also a dedicated report to highlight the interactive logons/logoffs only at the Domain Controllers. Moreover, a report also shows the logon activities in the domain using explicit credentials.

Infrastructure Reports
This section displays the real-time modifications in the Active Directory Infrastructure including Domain Controller, Schema, Configuration, Trust, Connection, DNS Zone, DNS Node, and MSMQ. The changes are reflected with the value of an object being monitored.

Container Reports
This section displays the real-time modifications in values of all containers in the domain. The reports will highlight what all containers have been created, deleted, or modified.

Organizational Reports
This section displays the real-time changes in values of all organizational units available in the domain. The reports will highlight what all organizational units have been created, deleted, or modified.

User Reports
This section displays the real-time changes of the users in a domain. The reports will highlight what all users have been created, modified, enabled, disabled, locked, unlocked, moved or renamed. In addition, there are reports on password reset and changed password.

Computer Reports
This section displays the real-time modifications of the computers in a domain. You can browse the reports to know what all computer objects have been created, modified, deleted, disabled, moved, or renamed. Moreover, it highlights the crucial changes on the domain controllers such as modifications in system time and scheduled tasks.

Group Reports
This section displays the real-time modifications of the groups in a domain. The reports will show what all groups have been created, modified, moved, or deleted. You can also view the changes in the group memberships, group types, admin groups, security groups, and distribution groups.

Contact Reports
This section displays the real-time changes of the contacts in a domain. The reports will highlight the newly created contacts, deleted contacts, modified contacts, and moved contacts.

Printer Reports
This section displays the real-time changes of the...

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